Hello all! I'm 17 and started school last June. I'm currently in Theory IV, which means I'll enter speed after this. I'm learning realtime, it's StenEd's teaching, and I use CaseCat.

I just wanted to know if anyone had any tips or good advice for me?

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Yes, definitely join these professional groups.  Even better, join and keep an eye out for any way you can to make yourself useful within the organization.  This will help a good group stay afloat, establish you as involved and dependable, and increase your contacts.

Girl, I have to say, at 17, and you are thinking like an adult, and working on career goals - you don't need any advice.

Just don't let any people with emotional/clingy/needy personalities (mommy, sisters, boyfriend) hold you back from fulfilling your dreams.

Hi Tiffany!!

StenEd is a super great theory!! Make sure to pay attention to all those final chapters of the book... Those weird stroke combinations WILL come back to haunt you!!

When I talk to other people who have stened they always say that they stroke everything out... Don't be afraid to brief!!! This book will be your best friend  



Good luck!! >_/p>

Hi, Tiffany.  I started reporting school right after high school and have been reporting since April of 1977.  We were hands-on with the machine our very first day, the first two hours of each and every day until we passed two speed tests with 99% accuracy.  When you say "I'll enter speed after this," I sure hope that means you've had your hands on a machine since last June!  If not, well, I guess school isn't what it used to be.  Not bad, just different.


My advice to you is to not set your sights on being as good as everyone else.  You will go far if you set your sights on being better.  Realtime Excellence is a good goal.


My biggest regret is the time I lost with my daughter over the last 30 years because my schedule was not my own.  Kelli's right ... you must deliver your services on someone else's schedule, not your own, and "No" is rarely an acceptable answer to either the atty you are working for or the court reporting agency you're representing.  If you adopt "Yes, I CAN do that!" as your motto, you'll go far.




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