Hi you guys!

Is there anyone out there that can speak about reporting in NY, specifically Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn area?

I'm from California and have been working as a reporter here for almost five years.
I also do fashion photography, so it would probably be best if I relocate to NY.

Please let me know :)

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Hold up.  You posted this on Nov. 20 of last year and no one responded to you that in the City, NY City, the areas you mention, the original is paid at a pretty nice page rate compared to the rest of the country, but reporters in the City are generally not paid AT ALL for copy sales?  If you can find a really generous agency, they will pay you around a quarter a page for a copy sale.  Gosh, you really need to know this before packing up and moving to NYC, my friend.  

I was speaking with some NY reporters last year, and they were shocked, and I do mean SHOCKED to learn that in the rest of the country, reporters are paid a fairly decent page rate for copy sales, at least five times what they are paid w-h-e-n they are paid for a copy sale.  Guess they've been brainwashed by local NYC agencies into believing that that's the way the reporting world works.  But that's at least the way the reporting world works in New York City.

Good luck to you!

I work in NYC but never for these agencies.  Yes, as Mary Ann said, NYC is the only place in the USA where this happens.  The page rate for the O&1 is nothing extraordinary and does not in any way make up for the zero or puny copy rate that many reporters accept.

I am a NYC reporter.  Whenever I read that reporters in other parts of the country get DOUBLE for dailies, I cry a little inside.  NYC reporters do not.  It's about 50% more.  I do charge for copies, but pretty close to the rates Mary Ann mentioned.  I do, however, charge for each RT and rough.  So I can still make enough money to feed myself :)

From the beginning of time it's been double for next day/daily, whatever you call it.  It's an abomination that agencies are either (1) charging less than this to their clients and/or (2) stiffing the court reporters.  I'd never work under that condition.

Just coming back to see this thread is still up with some very informed comments by TRPR and Marge (The Authority on what's happening in NY/NJ).  Did I mention that I asked an agency owner, "Why do you pay like that?"  Answer:  "Because we can."  They can because there are so many reporters per square inch up there, it's amazing.  There's always someone standing in line for a job.  I wish it would change, the I don't see it happening.

And also let me be clear that from the beginning of time it's been and still is 50% more for 1-week/5-business-day delivery and 10% more or less for each day for slower or faster delivery than those 5 days.  Each day has a price.   Base rate is 2-week/10-day delivery.   (And if you get your work in late, I wouldn't blame an agency one single bit for docking 10% for each day late that the final and complete work is electronically delivered to their client.)   50% more for daily is unthinkable.  

New York reporter here. Worked for four different agencies over two years and the standard has been a 5-business day turnaround or close to at each of them. I would LOVE to have two weeks/10 business days to complete my work. I have been paid for copies at one agency and it is actually a fair amount so I prefer to work for them when I can. It's true that the standard is to pay zero or close to it though. New York is a tough market just because there are a lot of reporters here and yes, someone will always do more for less.


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