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I have a problem.  I did three jobs for a reporter totaling $228.40 in early May.  She pays via Paypal every two weeks.  However, after repeated (over five) attempts to get her to pay my invoices, she has ignored every attempt I have made.  I did the work and expect to be paid.  I was given no documentation for these jobs (they were way late she she was behind in turning them in) so I don't know what agency she works for.  She works in Atlanta, GA.  Does anybody have any ideas on how I can get paid?  Thanks in advance!!

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Who is the reporter??

maybe contact the court reporter's board in her state and/or send to collections.

I don't know how it works in Atlanta, GA, but here in California we can ask for treble damages in small claims court.  Take her to small claims in the county where you did the job.  She has to come to you.  Also call court reporting board in her state and perhaps call District Attorney.  And for what it's worth, report to Better Business Bureau or any agency she may be affiliated with, such as a minority group if she is.   Report her on Facebook so other reporters know.  There are a few agencies like her out there and we all need to know who the bad ones are so we can stay away.  Another thing that was suggested to me, because I also wasn't paid from an agency, was to call the attorney firm you worked for and ask if they have paid the bill because you have not been paid yet.


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