I had a birth asphyxia case a couple weeks ago and looks like I have another tomorrow.  These are doctor (experts) depos.

So looking for briefs for things related to cerebral palsy, OB/GYN terms (including how do you write OB/GYN, gynecology, gynecological, obstetrician and obstetrics), Cesarean section, etc.

So any terms in these subject matters. 

You'd think after all these years, I'd have a brief for OB/GYN, but I do not!

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Here are a few:



obstetrics and gynecology - BAO*G

gynecology - GOLG

obstetric(s) - STRET(S)

obstetrician - STREUGS 

vagina - SKWRAOEUN

vaginal - SKWRAOEUNL

vaginally - SKWRAENL

Cesarean section - SES/SEBGS

I'd do cerebral palsy as KR-P/KR-P and C.P. as K*P (or do it the other way around if they're always saying the whole word)

You probably want to get something for:  fetal heart monitor, fetal heart rate, fetal monitoring strips, and variations on the theme.  I don't think I ever came up with very good briefs for those.  Somebody else probably has some.


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