Is anyone else going crazy with remembering so many passwords for every little thing online?  I can't keep track of them anymore............I am going to do as little online as I can from now on.  Of course calling on the phone can take a while, too, to talk to someone.   I know there are storage places you can keep all your passwords, but I'm looking for a simpler solution.  Maybe I just need to come up with a couple of tough ones and use them for most everything.

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And then there's the situation where some website has a very oddball password protocol.  Or when passwords get stolen (Living Social this week) and passwords have to be changed.   Three I don't think would ever cut it.

I use Last Pass to record all my passwords.  I probably have 30 or more.   There are other online password savers.  

There are many great solutions out there that are more secure than emailing or writing in a notebook. The one that I use for my PC and smartphone is Keepass and DropBox. I can access them from any of my computers, tablets or my phone. I really only have to remember one password now (well two actually, one for KeePass and one pin for BropBox) KeePass can track all of your personal information and your passwords, it also can generate a random password for you to use.


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