Please add a brief entry for our phone list.


This will help other Realtime Reporters connect and network with you as well as agencies.

And a link to your page may be helpful if your page describes more about the services you offer!



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Ana M. Dub, California CSR No. 7445, RMR
Certified Realtime Reporter
Certified LiveNote Reporter
NCRA-Credentialed Realtime Systems Administrator

25 years experience as a reporter
15 years experience providing realtime
3 RT laptops, wireless, Livenote Streaming, rough ASCIIs
Area Covered:  San Francisco Bay Area to San Jose





San Diego area, over 10 years realtime reporting, can accommodate multiple hook-ins and have 5 extra computers of my own

Lynn Penfield, CSR 8589, RPR

Cincinnati/Dayton/Columbus, Ohio area plus will cover Lexington/Louisville, Kentucky

Linda Mullen, RDR, CRR

(513) 295-2180

Have only one extra laptop with Bridge and LiveNote loaded, but have capability to handle as many hookups as needed.

Marianne Nee, CSR, CRR, RDR

(RSA - Realtime Systems Administrator)

30 years experience, live downtown Chicago,

free to travel, European passport,




Tommi R. Gray

Certified Shorthand Reporter (1980), Certified Realtime Reporter (1995)

Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas


20 years experience providing realtime

Laptops with LiveNote, roughs, expedites

Hi, I'm trying to figure out where to add my info on the phone list for realtime.  I can't seem to figure out where I go to do it.  Can you help?


  • SF Bay Area (Northern California covered, all areas considered)
  • ~ 707-338-4426
  • 5 loaner Netbooks, CaseView Net/LiveNote, webstreaming
  • 16 years experience (10 as an official), vast trial, arbitration, complex litigation, roughs, immediates, dailies
  • Team player, reliable, conscientious and always flexible!


Jan M. Roper, RPR, CSR No. 5705

Providing realtime since 1995.  30 years' overall experience.  Have one extra laptop loaded with Bridge. 

I'm located near Los Angeles Int'l Airport, so areas that I cover are West Side of L.A., San Fernando Valley, Downtown, Beverly Hills, Century City, Santa Monica.  I'll go to the OC, too.





Janalyn Reeves


Austin, Texas

10 plus years experienced realtime reporter

I'm located in Austin, Texas.  Will travel to other locations as well.  Have taken many international depos.

Kelly Hanna covering Houston and surrounding areas! Certified Realtime Reporter. Certified LiveNote Reporter. Certified Live Deposition Reporter. Have Stenocast TVs and netbooks to ensure hookup success at all depos! 713.824.4580.

Real-time reporter working with cables, wireless, LiveNote streaming and MyView.  I have multiple computers and a five-person hotspot.  I live around Los Angeles, but cover north to Ventura, west to Santa Monica and east to Lancaster.  I try to do only  heavy business litigation, arbitrations and civil trials.  Thanks for thinking of me.  (818) 599-7721.  I'm licensed in Hawaii also and will travel for the right job.


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