If you are having wrist and hand strain, check out ProCAT's Impression writer at http://www.procat.com/impression.

We are offering $1,000 off on the purchase of ANY old writer until 2-14-14.  You can also call (800) 966-1221 and speak to your local sales representative.

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Kyung, do you have the Impression Writer?

Yes. I have the Impression writer.  I've been pretty happy with it.

Unlike a lot of the other writers, it was pretty much usable out of the box.

I am not connected via Bluetooth to my laptop.   It has onboard audio.  It takes up to 32g SD card in memory.  I've got two 16gb cards.  I haven't even filled up one of the cards in a month.  Of course, I have recently upped the quality of my sound files, so my sound files will be bigger.  We'll have to see how fast that eats through the memory.

I am can load my dix onto the Impression fairly easily.  I can download a sound file and note file from the Impression and have it sync up just in case my computer has sound issues.

My next step will be getting my LiveDeposition router up and running so I can realtime to iPad and laptops.

I want to know what you think about the touch, Kyung.  Can you talk a little bit about that?  Is it a soft touch?  That's mainly what I need.

I like it.  You can make it pretty shallow.  I'm a pounder by nature but I think the touch is softer than the Stentura 8000.  It's comparable to the Diamante.

The Infinity and the Passport Touch have too much adjusting at the get-go.

What do you mean you cannot close the screen completely on the Diamante?  Mine goes completely flat and would slide under the table.

So you can close put your screen completely flat and slide it under the table and write on it?

Oh, no, I can't write on it at the same time.  Sorry, misunderstood.  You mean you can put the screen flat backwards under the table?

Why would you need to do that?

Because I usually write with the writer underneath the conference table that way I'm closer to the witness and attorney, closer to my laptop keyboard, closer to the table to mark exhibits.

You put the screen down flat forwards and still fit underneath the table and write on it.

Well, if it's "comparable" to the Diamante, there is no point changing.  I thought it would be even better.  If it's the same touch, why bother dropping another five grand to have the same stroke.  Thanks, Kyung.  Good to know.

You should try it out for yourself.  Everyone is different.  You may notice a difference that I don't.  You just never know unless you test drive yourself.

That's so true.   Thanks for posting.  Always like a second or third opinion.

Here is a post on DepoMan I just found, but it's from 2012.  I'm having a hard time finding people that own this writer.

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I just received my Impression this past Monday and have been setting it up. I'm very concerned that the realtime cable is a bare telephone jack on the back of the writer. With no adapter, those flimsy telephone plugs will never hold up, and when that tiny little plastic piece inevitably breaks, there's nothing you can do to keep the cord plugged in. And on the other end, it's a cheap 9-pin serial plug. Assuming your computer even has a 9-pin serial port, the plug housing has plastic pieces which hold the adapter in that protrude out and prevent your computer's serial port from seating with it, and you'll have to find a coupler or extender -- a major pain in the butt -- in order to connect the cable. 
Yes, I purchased the optional Blue Soleil bluetooth kit, but it keeps disconnecting, and when I move the writer 15 feet away, it immediately disconnects. Of course, I had to reinitiate the file on both the writer and the CAT software (CaseCatalyst.) I can't risk using bluetooth if it's going to disconnect, and I need a reliable cable, not some trailer trash hinky phone jack with a VERY outdated serial connection. Why can't they use a USB connection for realtime like EVERY OTHER MODERN MACHINE?? I think I unfortunately will be returning this writer. Too bad because it's quite a looker.


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