This is just a quickie. I haven't worked in 20 years as a CR and started practicing again last February. I plan to be ready to look for a CR job in January. I was/am non computer.

You all know I bought a Stenoram II. It is obvious it is not the best choice. I am not going to be a big time court reporter, so I don't want (won't be able to) to spend the money for an expensive writer. My plan is to do a depo, dump it, edit and finish it. It is unlikely I will do any real time.

I already know a Stenura 800 would be a good choice.

Can I survive okay with a Stenura 600 or a Stenura 500? Would a Smart Writer be okay?

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Hi, Mary Jo.

Have you read my article, "The Good Stuff" yet?

If you haven't, you should take a look. It tells you about selecting writers, laptops, and CAT software.

Personally, I would try to avoid anything with a floppy disk drive, which lets out both the 6000 and the 8000. I read somewhere (probably here) that new floppy drives aren't being made, and Stenograph is taking old drives from other units to make repairs to machines needing a replacement drive.

The 500, while not great, is better than the Stenoram II. It has a 200 page memory, which makes it more attractive to me than the 400 SRT (50 page memory).

Of course, you could avoid the old Stenograph hassles and just buy my spare ProCAT Flash .... :o)

"For a Good (steno) Time ....."
Glen, for financial reasons (I don't have any credit left) I cannot afford the real expensive stuff.
If people don't use a disk drive, then what are they using?

Miras are really spiffy - and with a real spiffy price. So they're out of the question.
Hi, Mary Jo.

The Stentura 400/500 uses RAM instead of the floppy, and the ProCAT Flash uses a memory card, which holds 700 plus pages.

When you get a chance, check out my review of my ProCAT Flash.

As far as the Mira goes, you might want to take a look at the Mira group here on CSR Nation. Lots of people are complaining about stacking issues -- and it doesn't seem to matter which Mira they have!

Hope that helps ...!



Did you see the "Do-it-yourself shim" article on ol' Cheap and Sleazy?

"For a Good (steno) Time ...."
I kind of like floppys. I can take it out and put it in my purse.

What does the Stenoram II use? Isn't that Ram? It may not be much, but it must be 200 pages or so.
Hi, Mary Jo.

My first encounter with a 3.5" floppy was not a good one: I put it in my shirt pocket, and the static from my cotton t-shirt and ... well, whatever that outer shirt was made of, wiped that floppy clean!

Besides ... I don't see a lot of places selling floppies anymore.

Yes, the StenoRAM uses RAM. Can't recall how much it holds, though. It should be around 200 pages -- no, check that; it's 400 pages!

Good deal.

"For a Good (steno) Time ...."
Mary Jo, are you hooking up to a laptop? You say you are non-computer. What do you mean? If you hook up to a laptop, you don't need any ram or floppy. Clarify for me so if I am able to help, I'll know how.

Veronica Kubat
Non computer means exactly that. I got my AA back in 1981 and passed the RPR just before finishing school. Computer writing wasn't even out then. I quit back and went to work as a legal assistant in 1991.

I am not yet set up on computer. Most likely I will go with DigitalCat because it has free student download and easy payments. I need to get set up with DigitalCat, learn how to use it, get a dictionary started, and be sure of my writing before I look for a job. I'm planning on January.

Actually, I like the Stenoram II. It look sturdy. But the notes are "smudged lined." And I seem to be missing the vowels. The + sign shows I hit, but is poor quality on the paper. I'm inclined to think it's the machine.

I am not going to be a long term, full time, makealotofmoney reporter. If I ever get a teaching job I will be a teacher. So all I want is a nice writer, reliable, makes good clear notes, and serves the purpose.
Mary Jo, I have an old Transcriptor TX (Baron) that I used for 15 years that is still perfectly functional, except for the floppy drive - doesn't work; can't be fixed. If you are plugging directly into a laptop, it will work fine. It produces perfect paper notes and is completely manual if you so choose. If you are interested, please give me an email or a call. I no longer use it because of my wrists - I have a Revolution Grand by the Neutrino Group that I use now.

Veronica - thanks a whole bunch, but I don't need it. I do have the Stenoram II, just got it from JM Steno, so it should be okay. I will find out once I get on computer. I just want something better and newer, but not brand new.
No problem. I just don't know what to do with it. It's completely usable, so I don't want to toss it.


Hi Mary Jo......I was non computer too, for a long time..I went to school waaaay back when and thought it was going to be so tough to learn...But it wasn't.. I have a Smart Writer. And I love that too. It's a great writer that I've had for longer than I care to admit and have NEVER had any problem whatsoever.
Kathy, thanks for responding. Everyone keeps saying how great the Smartwriter is. I won't be a bigtime court reporter and I don't want to spend a lot of money - so that may be what I get. Thanks again.


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