Where can we find "ballpark" rates for various parts of the country.   I say "ballpark" with the anti-trust laws in mind.  :)  Thanks.


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Hi, Phyllis.  I don't think you'll be able to do this, even ballpark.  Here's a suggestion, though.  I believe it's done by every court reporting agency in the country, so it's nothing new or a great big secret, although reporters may not realize it.  Most reporting agencies have attorneys who are their corporate attorneys.  They have their attorneys request rate sheets from reporting agencies near and far, whoever they're interested in, then those attys pass that on to their court reporting agency clients.  If you are a firm with an attorney on retainer, you could do that to receive the information for the markets you're interested in.  Just a suggestion.


Thank you, Mary Ann.  I am a sole proprietor and I work out of my home at this point in my life, and do not work as much as I did in years past, but am always wondering if my rates are in line with the other reporters in my area.  My clients keeps calling, so I must not be too far off.  Everything has gone up so much in price, these days, that a 200 page depo sometimes seems like a lot of money, but it's not when you consider the cost of doing business, even on a small scale.  Thanks again.



Phyllis, I can understand your wanting to know if your rates are in line with others.  But think about it.  If you are a seasoned, experienced reporter and you can offer something that others cannot -- you can write, spell, punctuate, meet deadlines, good with the clients -- the whole package -- seems like you're worth a lot MORE than everyone else.  I know where you're coming from - you want to be charging at least what they charge, and you wonder if you are.  Good luck to you!



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