Has anyone worked with Jane Rose Reporting out of NY.
They seem to have good work.

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They put a cap on what you can earn from copy sales. That stopped me from working for them.

Hi Janet -
Yeah, the rates are a little low :-( It's an O and 2 so I will be sure to ask.
They sent me a form to sign....and I'm not crazy about signing anything so
I need to find out a bit more..
Thanks. Hope you're having a great summer.
What do you mean, a cap on copy sales? Like if there were 20 attorneys and all ordered copies, you'd max out at five copies sold? Or you cap out at a certain amount of $$? How does that work?
Hi Lori,

Please ask the question here.
We want to keep all discussions about this matter in one thread so it could help people in the future.

I will close this one.


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