Shutting off Function Keys when Using Express Scribe with Case Catalyst

I am listening to the audio that the videographer gave me during an A/V depo.  I'm listening using Express Scribe.  When editing on Case Catalyst while listening using Express Scribe, the function keys of Scribe are enabled.  Is there a way to disable them so the Case Cat function keys will work??  Thanks

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You didn't mention which version of ES you're using, so I don't want to assume that the setup for your version is the same as the vesion I'm using.  With that in mind, in version 4.3 under the heading CONTROL Hot Keys, there is a list of the keys and their function.   I have deleted them all, as I don't use them at all.  I suppose you could make a list of the ones you delete and then reinsert them if you wish.   Good luck.

Bubbie Karen


Thanks, Karen, I'm on that version, too, and you made my day.  They're off!!!  Thanks again for your reply, and have a good one!


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