I've been wanting to get a discussion started on the small-word phrases, so it is easily accessible here -- i.e., not buried on page 30, etc., in the Comment Wall -- and in referencing the Magnum Steno book.




I sent Christine and Megan a list of small-word phrases culled from just the first few minutes of my job the other day. Small-word phrases are a GOLD MINE that 99% of court reporters do not prospect:

I have a A*EUF
for you TPOU
if you TPU
on the OT
and if SKPEUF
to come TOPBLG (-J is "come" in phrases)
that the THAT
to the TOT
is this STH-
is a SA
is the S-T
as the S*T
we are WER
do they TKAOTD (-TD is "they" in phrases)
so much SOFP
to have TO*F
I want to TOEUPT
at the TE
last night HRA*PBSZ
and it's SKPEUTS
pretty much PREFP
that I THAEU
with them W-FPL (-FPL is "them" in phrases)
we have to be TWO*EFB (simply a purposeful stack)
in order TPHORD
in order to TPHORTD
they had THED
to do TOD
and they SKP-TD
they had to THOED
sort of SOFRT
who had WHOD
off the OFT
but the PWUTD
was to TO*FS
as far STPAR
they have TH*EF
they think TH*EPBG
and yet SKPWRET
with us WUS
we shouldn't W*ERBD

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Mark wrote in response to finding small-word phrases in the Magnum Steno book:


Page 405, ~a/~an phrases
Page 400, to~ phrases
Page 434 ~is the phrases
Pages 432-33 ~him ~her ~his phrases
Page 417 ~it phrases
Page 409 ~the phrases

and many more
Virginia, what is MSB? Sorry, I'm new.
George, it's short for Magnum Steno book.
Thank you so much, Tami! :)
You're welcome, Christine.

I hope they help you!!

I was lucky enough to learn a lot of the basic small-word phrases in theory. They really help with speed building because of their high frequency. Now I have quite a few more to learn, thanks to Mark.

My advice is learn all of them you can a handful at a time.

Good luck!
Hi all!

This is my first time posting here, but I've really been enjoying the Magnum Steno Club! I've been trying to figure out how to get "really" into some phrases, and using Mark's "finger position" idea, I'm wondering if this makes sense.

-FR for ~really
I don't really YOFR
I don't really know YO*FRN
I don't really recall YOFRL
I don't really remember YOFRM
I don't really care YOFRK
I don't really see YOFRZ
I don't really understand YOFRND

I can't really YAFR
I can't really recall YAFRL
I can't really remember YAFRM
I can't really say YAFRS
I can't really tell YAFRT

I was also wondering if anyone has a good system for phrasing these:
~ask...did you ask, what did you ask, who did you ask, etc.
~talk...did you talk, had you talked, have you talked, etc.
~hear...what did you hear, did you hear, can you hear, could you hear, etc.


I LOVE your -FR idea for "really," and I think it would work nicely for me. I'll have to give it a try when I have my machine in front of me.

For "did" after a "who, what, where, when, how," etc., try the asterisk for "did."

Who did you see WHO*UZ

Who did you talk WHO*UKD ????

What did you tell WHA*UT

I would think -FK or -*FK works for "ask."

I would think -KD would work for talked, although "did you talk" would be "duck."

While -KD is "could" in the theory, you wouldn't say "did you could" or "have you could," etc.

So perhaps add an asterisk with it, too.

Hear -- what a good one!

I don't know that Mark uses the ones you suggested, but they are all SUPER!
(He probably does. :)
How about

Who did you talk to


add the -T for "to"???
Thanks, Tami!

I think your ideas for ~ask and ~talk will work well for me. I had toyed with -KS for ask, but I like the -FK better. Not very many conflicts there.
I love the -FK for ask!!:)
we talked - we could
they talked - they could
I talked - I could

before I ask - brisk

I don't have talked, but I have -told. *TD
I once took an online bootcamp with Mark, which was great! It was most common little phrases, but at the time I got super busy at work and didn't focus as I should have. Anyway, now I have more time on my hands, and I am excited to relearn them because they really do help, the ones I already know! So to learn more will just help! It is so exciting to find new ways to improve! :0)
Thanks again for opening up this club, I love it!
Achievement Today! ;0)


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