I've been wanting to get a discussion started on the small-word phrases, so it is easily accessible here -- i.e., not buried on page 30, etc., in the Comment Wall -- and in referencing the Magnum Steno book.




I sent Christine and Megan a list of small-word phrases culled from just the first few minutes of my job the other day. Small-word phrases are a GOLD MINE that 99% of court reporters do not prospect:

I have a A*EUF
for you TPOU
if you TPU
on the OT
and if SKPEUF
to come TOPBLG (-J is "come" in phrases)
that the THAT
to the TOT
is this STH-
is a SA
is the S-T
as the S*T
we are WER
do they TKAOTD (-TD is "they" in phrases)
so much SOFP
to have TO*F
I want to TOEUPT
at the TE
last night HRA*PBSZ
and it's SKPEUTS
pretty much PREFP
that I THAEU
with them W-FPL (-FPL is "them" in phrases)
we have to be TWO*EFB (simply a purposeful stack)
in order TPHORD
in order to TPHORTD
they had THED
to do TOD
and they SKP-TD
they had to THOED
sort of SOFRT
who had WHOD
off the OFT
but the PWUTD
was to TO*FS
as far STPAR
they have TH*EF
they think TH*EPBG
and yet SKPWRET
with us WUS
we shouldn't W*ERBD

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Erik, I saw that "we" outline, but it was awkward for me, so I have entered (I won't say USE yet, at least not consistently) RPBG. I use ("use" being loosely applied here) the same shape on the initial side in the don't phrases: KPWR.
Just through reading some of these, I wanted to add in that in school, I learned all my "you" phrases, such as "if you could," to have an AU in the middle. Therefore:
if you could - FAUKD
did you ask - DAUSZ
did you find - DAUFND
did you talk - DAUK
did you talk to - DAUKT
did you go - DAUG

You get it. lol. I just thought it might help resolve conflicts that some of you might have.

I also have a few different phrases that might not stick with anyone, but I thought I'd share anyway.
did you talk - DAUK
you are talking - AOURK
you're telling - AOURGT
are you saying - RUS
you are saying - URS
he talked - HAOEKD
he could - HEKD
she talked - SHAOEKD
she could - SHEKD

I do have to mention thought that I am finding my theory -- in a nice way -- is all screwed up. lol. So take all these for what they're worth:)

Very nice, Erica!
Mindy, just wanted to hop in here and say I love your -FR idea for really. I don't think it conflicts with anything at all!
Thanks, Mark!

I'm still practicing them, and it's becoming more natural. BTW, thanks for starting the Briefs 101 series. Really helpful!


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