There is a member here -- Justin Higgins -- who has been a member of our court reporting community here and on Facebook.   It's recently come to light that after lying in wait for however long he has strolled among us that he thinks his video company "Limitless Assholes" is better than a court reporter for his ignorant reasons posted on his LinkedIn profile.

It is my hope that he is removed from all things "Steno" where he is sucking up information and using it against us.

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Both URLs say "This content is not available."

What exactly is this guy doing?   How is he using information against us?  

Wow.  Good luck to him.  Curious what he has in mind to take us over.

If I remember correctly, he is the son of a current court reporter and has been bashing her too.  I think she is ill, but she did respond on Facebook to let everyone know that his views were not hers. Is that the same story you read, Jeanese?  It was really sad.

That is consistent with the events.   And he is STILL A MEMBER of this site.  

Dahhhh, your videograph sound clip is not able to be entered into evidence.  You still have to pay a court reporter to produce a paper transcript to be admitted into evidence.

Please take your inaccurate, ego-boasting, childish clip down, dude.

To all parties entertaining this childish smear campaign... Please know my agency and I truly wish you all nothing but the best. My focus was never to replace anyone.  My intention is to provide legal services for the 80% whom cannot afford it.  When it comes to stenography, I consider it a beautiful art.  LVP only networks privately with the best stenographers available.  Therefore, my only desire is to help build a better world for all.  Nonetheless, we will always support your dreams and desires.  Live Limitless.

Wow.  What "good" experienced videographer doesn't know how much more work it is for a reporter to edit a job that is video?  It is not about having to be accurate.  Good, qualified reporters are accurate.  But words are always going to be "heard" slightly differently by different people, such as, contractions, "we've" versus "we have."  Most attorneys want their junky false starts cleaned up, left out.  If you edit a video the way it is supposed to be edited, those all go in and contractions/non-contractions need to match.  When you have a soft-spoken, mumbly attorney who sometimes doesn't even wear his mic, or just speaks so poorly you need the video audio to catch every word he said, every reporter has a challenge with this.  People do not speak perfectly most of the time.  And as fast as people speak today, attorneys and witnesses, reporters are having to go above and beyond speeds they graduated school at or speeds they are certified in.  What they don't tell you or teach you in school--at least when I graduated long, long ago--is that we have to make judgment calls all the time in our transcripts that we should not have to be making, but we have no other choice.  At least witnesses can read and correct or clarify what they said.


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