I just talked to Stenocast.  I am interested in their Audio2Me Pro microphone system.  It has a regular wired microphone and a wireless microphone you can place across the table for the attorney who is whispering his objections.  This microphone has a high quality sound card in it.  It is supposed to be easy to use (just install a driver).  Both of these microphones make your synched audio file.

There is also an Audio2Me that is not a pro version.  I think that one does not have the wireless microphone.

It has a jack for headphones so the reporter can listen to the amplified audio at the depo.  It is not out yet.  It should be coming out in the fall.  It costs $350.  You can return it for 15 days if you are not happy with the product.  There is a 15 percent restocking fee.  So that is $52.50 if you are not happy.

There is a waiting list if you are interested.

Do you have any experience with this company or their products?  If so, please let me know.

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I'm the wrong person to answer the question about the problems.  I heard about losing connections and freezing.  I never tried mine on a job.  I heard they were still having issues with Eclipse.  I hope that's been worked out.


I just got this e-mail.  It looks like you have to send in your Red for an upgrade.


Trade Up to the New Ez Send

            (offer expires 6/29/12)

Here’s the Deal

The new Ez Send is 40 percent smaller (100  percent sleeker) than its predecessor, the StenoCast RED, and is the latest generation realtime transmitter, just what you’ve been waiting for.  Trade in your old X7 or RED and receive the Ez Send, which allows for up to 14 wireless hookups, monitors & displays the  number and type of connections, allows late-arriving attorneys to receive the entire transcript from the beginning, and so much more.

ME2U customers who upgrade to the new Ez Send will receive:

1)  One (1) Free USB Ez Receiver

2)  Free conversion of your ME2U kit into two additional Ez Receivers.  End result:  Purchase an Ez Send and you wind up with three USB Ez Receivers (any color)!

Trade in your X7 or RED 

    & Receive:

Two Free Ez Receivers


Ez Send Carry Case

($220 Value - FREE!)

I got that same e-mail too.  I guess I'm not going to give up my RED until I can be sure that EZ works with Eclipse. I'm sure, by then, they'll be well on their way into developing yet another new system. It's all a big technological conspiracy, I tell you. ;)

Quyen -

I was afraid of Eclipse 5, too.  I just switched over and it is great.  Nothing to be afraid of :)

All these problems do not surprise me with Stenocast.  They're really good at pointing the finger at someone else when there is a problem; nothing is their fault.  Leif, the tech guy, has a major attitude.  There is nothing good I can say about them.  Once they have your $$$ you're screwed!!!


Don't know if you've heard any more from StenoCast, but when my X1 blew up last fall they told me the same thing and suggested I not replace it but wait for the new model to come out.  They also advised that they no longer supported or repaired the X1s.  What I needed was a replacement thumb drive, but they didn't bother to volunteer that I could purchase a replacement one for $100.  Now that the X1 sender has died they again are singing the praises of their "new model" which is still not available.  Their suggestion to me was to check eBay or Craig's List for an X1 replacement.  Tonight I found three other sources online for replacements.   All I can say is I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for any new product that they are professing to have coming out "soon."  Too bad, because their original products were amazing.


Well, like I said elsewhere, I got the EZ Send and have used it three times so far, once LiveNote and twice with Bridge, all with Eclipse, and have had no problems at all.  That said, I was only hooked up with one attorney on each of those times.  Not sure if that would make a difference.  The Audio2Me would be great if the sound is good. I agree about not buying new stuff though. I never buy a car the first year it's out.  You are just looking for trouble.  I did that with the Passport and ended up returning it because it was not ready for prime time.  What a PITA.

I always repeat, to offset Kelli's comments, that I couldn't be happier with the products and services from StenoCast, as they worked the first time and every time and have never failed me, ever!  That said, though, here's a thought ... Stenograph now has iCVN, which is realtime for the iPad.  Advantage Software will be following suit.  You output through a router, not a wireless with dongles  -  a simple router.  What will StenoCast Wireless then sell?  I think their products are great, but if their main product is wireless realtime via send unit and dongles, once realtime output through a router to touchscreen units such as the iPad and regular tablets, what the heck are they going to do?  They'll have to change their business plan and products, and I can't think of anything better than something that helps us hear better!  Let's hope they can do that - I'd be first to buy!


I was very interested in purchasing this product but wanted to find out if it is available or when it will be available.  I also wanted to know what their return policy was.  I've called this company about five times last week and this and left two voice mails.  They apparently do not answer calls and will not return messages. It's a bad sign that I should not purchase from this company!

I've been using the EZ Send regularly and haven't had a single issue.  Today a lawyer took my netbook down the hall during a break to go over the transcript with the witness.  When he came back, I wondered if there would be an issue with a dropped connection.  It kept going.  I'm really happy with ther performance.  I'm using the Blue dongles with LiveNote.  I haven't hooked up to Bridge with the Reds yet.


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