Anybody heard of them or bought anything from them?

I purchased a mic from them over a week ago, have sent two follow-up e-mails, and still have not heard back from them whether they've shipped the mic, although the credit card has been charged.


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Hello, again.   Call them up tomorrow.   August is a good time to vacation.   So get a person on thephone and don't hang up until you have an answer.  Let us know what happens.   Good luck.


Bubbie Karen

Never heard of them.  You can always dispute the charge if they take too much longer to ship it.  Can you get online with your tracking number or order number and find out where things are?  Just a thought.
I'll call them tomorrow, if possible.  And if they don't answer, I'll dispute the charge.  I was just wondering if others had dealt with them and how it went for them.  Thanks, Bubbie and Kelli.

Where did you find this company?  I've never even heard of them.  Are they like a supply company for reporters like TopCat Steno, Pengad, etc?


So frustrating when you don't get what you ordered on time.  I ordered a netbook about three weeks ago and it took over two weeks to show up.  I thought that was way too long. 

Found them online.  I was looking for a replacement mic for my Mira.  I put in some keywords and they popped up.  They seemed legit.  Now I'm starting to worry because of -- what I consider -- their nonresponse to two of my e-mails.

Two weeks for a computer?  You're right, frustrating.

By the way, if you're looking for more netbooks, Tiger Direct is selling two ASUS models for $199.


Wow, and I thought I got a good deal at 220.  Now I have four of them.  That should hold me for a while.  I don't want to have to bring more than four netbooks to a depo.  I carry enought crap as it is.

Judy, do you know what operating system is on the netboooks?  Are they new or used?  Have you ever bough anything from tiger direct?  I need one more netbook.




I think they're refurbs with, I think, Windows 7.  I do know they're 10.1" screens, which for me is perfecto!  Small enough to not weigh a ton and big enough of a screen for the attys to look at. 

I must have purchased something from them since I'm on their e-mail list, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was.  I'm tending to think it was my backup hard drive, which I was very satisfied with their response time and everything else.  It was either the hard drive of my extra RAM, which was also a more-than-satisfactory purchase (got to learn how to install more RAM on my desktop too... fun!).

Sorry I can't be of more help to you.



Thank you, Judy,

As always you are a great help. :-)



If you don't mind a blue netbook, the price is down to $189.

They e-mailed me this morning.  Here's her reply:

"It was shipped via the US Mail, however it looks like they might have lost it.  We are shipping another mic to you today.  We will use priority mail to get it to you quickly."

So it looks like it's being taken care of (thank goodness, 'cause I really didn't want to have to dispute the charge with the cc company). 

Good to know.  I am curious why they didn't get back to you earlier, though.


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