I am sure this has been addressed at one time or another, but I am wondering if anybody else has had problems or issues with stalling while using T3?

Any other recommendations of sites for uploading audio files to scopists?
I haven't tried sendit but will give it a shot.

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Do you have the premium T3? If you do, if your transmission stalls or gets disrupted, it should pick up again.

I usually zip up the wave files and send them through Yousendit.com

Or if the file is really large even after zipping, I send it through Megaupload

Also, if you're using T3, you should contact their support. They're very helpful.
Kyung, when you use Yousendit.com and it is a rather large file does it take a long time to upload?
I was test sending a file along with a wav file and the upload time was an hour. Is that normal? I'm going now to check out Megaupload.
I usually zip up just the wav file and send it. The notes, dix, and ecl file (actual transcript) I send just send them through my regular e-mail with a word list.

I send just the wav file. I think the longest it's take is maybe 10 - 15 minutes. It shouldn't take an hour.

Did it eventually go through?
I haven't tried yet, but will. When it said an hour to upload, I sorta freaked :)
Hi. I'm currently a freelance proofreader and transcriptionist, but I used to be the head of the scoping/proofreading/transcription group of my former company, a leading BPO entity doing business here in Manila, Philippines. During my entire stay in the company, which is more than 3 years, we had a handful of clients who used T3. And mind you, every time we received notification of jobs orders from those clients, we never had an easy time retrieving the audio files from T3. There was always a problem. The last client that placed an order through T3, which was probably two months ago, ended up trying other means to send us her files. We recommended that she register with SendThisFile.com and send her files through the Web site. And, voila, it took us not more than 15 minutes to retrieve her files. SendThisFile is a file-transfer site that lets you get through your files 10 times better than T3 does. You can also try YouSendIt.

You can check out the site, and tell me if it does a better job than T3.
Thanks for your replies. I welcome more opinions and suggestions.
Yes I use premium T3. It reconnects after stalling, but the majority of the time the files are corrupted when the scopist tries to download the file.
I did contact support for T3 and was told it was not their problem, but the problem of my Internet provider. I contacted my Internet provider and they put the blame back on T3. I was caught in the middle. When I informed T3 of what the Internet provider said, all hell broke loose and the owner of T3 tore me a new one. Now he's saying the problem lies with my computer. To his benefit, that is a possibility and I'm going to explore that.
In the meantime, I'm looking around for another service to upload files.
Here's another vote for SendThisFile, file-transfer site, it's a great site, very user friendly.

I've used T3 since its inception with different reporters who've added me to their agreements. I've had to call three times over the years and have always gotten super support from Paul Humbeutel, the owner, so I'm really surprised to hear someone there "tore you a new one."

I don't know the answer to your problem, but perhaps you should try one of the other sites listed. If you still have a problem, then you'll know for sure it's on your end.
This past week, a producer of a TV show expressed a desire for me to provide a transcript of a high-profile interview. She said she would send the audio file immediately upon completion for a "rush" delivery.

This past weekend, I was dealing with the camera man who was trying to send me the audio file via YouSendIt. He said every time he went to send the file, it would get stuck at 12 percent. He claimed to have tried several times. Meanwhile, I received five audio files from other clients via YouSendit with no problem. I'm thinking this camera man is bonkers.

I did a little investigation with a friend of mine who is not technologically handicapped, like I am, and he said some computers will not allow you to send "large files." As well, with YouSendIt, if the audio file has a virus and/or is corrupted, it won't allow the transmission to finish.

At any rate, I am sharing this bit of knowledge my friend told me, in hopes it may help others. Company computers do put a limit on file sizes sometimes, and the employees may not understand why they cannot send audio files. I don't know if this camera man's audio file is corrupted or has a virus, but it is his problem and not mine.

I like YouSendIt and would highly recommend it. :>)
I was "torn a new one" because I passed on the comment from my Internet provider to the person at T3 that they (internet provider person) thinks it is a problem on T3's end. Apparently that insulted the person I was speaking to at T3. Then I was told by the T3 person that I was the only reporter using T3 out of thousands that had this problem. I just find that hard to believe. I've never had a problem with support at T3 before until now and the customer service attitude just floored me.
If I reacted that way to my clients, frankly I wouldn't have any clients.
I am going to give Yousendit a try. Also checking with Dell to see if it is a problem with my wireless card. Even with the stalling issue, sometimes the files go through anyway without a hitch and other times they can't be downloaded. It's frustrating to try to send a 250 page rush job with audio on a Friday afternoon to a scopist and spend more than 2 hours trying to get it to go through.
Debbie, I'm sorry to hear about your trouble with T3. I've used them for years and have had nothing but really excellent service and help from them.

I did have a problem with really bad stalling when trying to use T3 and it WAS the Internet Service Provider. I, fortunately, have a geek for a husband who could do all the tests to determine if my modem was working properly or not and how fast my upload and download is from the ISP. However, we still had to really demand that the ISP do something about it. They had a thousand excuses about what was going on and really dragged their feet about repairing it.

Do you have trouble uploading or downloading with any other software in your computer, for instance, getting on the Internet or retrieving e-mail. The tell-tale sign for me was that I coudn't get an ASCII file to attach to an e-mail that needed it to upload to the ISP-based software (Yahoo).

If you don't have someone of the geek persuasion to guide you, you might be better off trying some of those other sites that have been mentioned. But if they don't work either, prepare for a fight with your ISP.


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