Thanks for taking the time to answer my plea of help. I did go on the youtube dictation and I am in love with that lady. Thank you both for all the valuable information and especially for your time. I appreciate it all!

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Colleen --

You're welcome! ... but just FYI, I think she's married!

Glen, I would like the youtube dictation. I can't find any reference to it here.
Oh, please help me.

Mary. Smiles, always.
I found it,
I guess for a freebie, I really shouldn't comment on the youtube dictation.

But it's awful.

Anyone who is really serious about speed building should either buy some used tapes, pay the money for Realtime Coach or
Hi, Mary Jo.

What's wrong with the dictation? I haven't really checked it out myself; just bookmarked it when I found it.
It was tacky, tacky, tacky. One woman, "Question: XXX. Answer: XXXX. Question: XXX. Answer: XXX".

I remember doing it like that when I first started school, when we had only our teacher; and that ended fairly quickly. The audio was also poor. It took me more time to concentrate on trying to her and understand some of what she was saying than it took for me to write it.
Ah ...! Thanks.

Like I said, haven't actually sat down and tried to follow her dictations as yet, just bookemarked her site.

You might check StenoTube sometime. I see there is some dictation there, but I'm not sure who's doing it!



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