I'm not sure what was worse, Beiber's acting skills during the Depo or the Court Reporter's major fail.

She heard "Instrumental", it was in fact "Detrimental".

I "Beliebe" She was pressured into saying this as Beiber and his Attorney were the ones who told her what to say as she obviously failed to hear his testimony in the first place and didn't want to admit she never heard it.

Thankfully the video picked this up.

It will be interesting to see who actually released this Video Depo.


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Beiber was so rude and unprofessional.  No wonder everyone is so "over" him.  

Actually, I just went and watched this video.  This isn'te the one I saw earlier today.  The one I saw today he was actually yelling at the court reporter, "There is a big difference between 'yes' and 'no.'"!!!  She just couldn't hear him and he went off.

Oh, my....this does not bode well for court reporting/reporters at all.  This reporter seems like she's intimidated by everyone.  She's not speaking up when she can't hear him?  When asked to read back, she plays a recording back or just mimics what an attorney said?   Proponents of digital recorders replacing stenographers will have a field day with this.

I hope the clicking I hear in the background is someone on a laptop and not the reporter's machine.

It was a digital not a steno reporter

How does that work? I thought she was reading back at one point

Sure wish I was there instead.  Would have been fun.  I wouldn't have let him intimidate me.  

I guess I didn't watch far enough through it to see her read it back.  I missed that part.

I think they made her sit far back from the witness and she could not hear.  This is why I always try to get close to the witness at video depos.

I'm trying to figure out the setup of the video.  I've never seen such a wide shot of a deponent where you can see his attorney and all of the back screens and everything to the left and right.  it's usually video of the chest up and tighter in.  This was a terrible setup.  And I think that is the clicking of her fingernails because it stops when no one is talking.

Good point, Janiece.  I hadn't considered that they made her sit too far away.  After looking at it, maybe she's actually sitting behind Beib's attorney.  Sitting behind anyone is a bad spot.   

So true, Stefanie...completely terrible set up.  And although you are probably right, I'm still hoping it's not her fingernails that we hear :)

Considering all that "went wrong" from a court reporting perspective, I can't help but wonder if a new-ish reporter was sent to this depo.  There just seems to be a complete lack of control. 

As for The Beib, his lil'-punk arrogance irks me. 



Word on the street is, it was an ER person who took the depo of Beiber.  It would definitely explain the audio playback instead of reading, the fingernail noise, and probably the lack of hearing what was really said.  Another "detrimental" fail for ER.  It would be "instrumental" to have a skilled VERBATIM SHORTHAND reporter there.  The sad thing is, the public won't understand the difference.  



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