Today I took two netbooks to a depo to supply screens for attorneys.  OMG, I know I'm late coming to the party.  Previously I had used a laptop.  I had used one netbook a month or so ago to supply one screen for an attorney.  Today I needed two screens.  The monitor on my full-size spare computer went out so I purchased a second netbook at Walmart for $250 bucks.  I got it up and running and the software loaded the day before within an hour.  I couldn't believe I got it up and running with no snags.

The great thing is they are so lightweight.  It's no problem at all to get them to the depo.  The attorneys seem to like them.  It was a video -- ugh.  Another plus, they are so low profile the videographer doesn't whine about them.

I have loaded the newest version of on them.  I don't know if they have done something with that software but it seems to connect with no problems at all now.

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Kelli, what is the brand/model of the netbook you wound up using?

It was a Dell netbook.  It was my husbands that I confiscated so I could have four netbooks.  I had never used it before for my own software, just for setting out for attorneys for RT.  Worked pretty good in a pinch. 

I see other reporters using the netbooks for their main computer.  I just can't do that because it's hard to edit for me; the screen is so small.


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