What do you do if you report on two case numbers in terms of a title page?  I have two different styles of cases, pretty much same parties, but the case numbers are different and the parties vary a little bit.


Would I put both styles on the title page with each case number?  How would you do it, if anyone knows?  One case is on appeal currently, one is not.  These are small claims cases.


Thanks for any help.  In the past if it was a criminal case, I would just add the extra case number because the parties were the same.  Or I would do a different title page for each defendant, but since it is small claims I do not know what to do.


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I've done it both ways.  On my Texas formats, I know they like to put each caption on a separate page.  Other states, I try to squeeze it onto the first page if at all possible, still keeping the date and time, etc., down to "Reported by."  If you're in CA or other states with format guidelines (a/k/a rules), it might matter.



Thanks, Mary.  I thank you for your advice.  Sometimes it's hard to know what to do being a court reporter because you want to do it the right way.  I appreciate you.  Lisa.
I would do separate titles page as it sounds like they are separate cases with differing appearances.


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