Hi, Guys.  New to this site.  I had a long one today.  My attorney spoke 300 words per minute....all day!

Well over 300 pages.  Great job from one of the members on here, Cindy Afanador.  All of the attorneys ordered, but one wouldn't sign the order form.  What do you do in a situation like that?  I didn't want to be too pushy being it was my first time out w this agency. Oh, did I mention the thousand pages of exhibits that I had to carry through Manhattan?!!

Anyway, it was a great job.  Better than what I have been getting lately.





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What I suggest is that you call the agency just like you would with anything else unusual, and tell them what you told us, "Attorney Z said he wanted a copy, but wouldn't sign the order form."  I think your only real responsibility here is to communicate this.  Probably what they'll do is call him when the job is in production or about to be and see if he wants an order, but really, it's up to them what they do. 

As for the exhibits, I have a suggestion.  Just wish I'd thought of this myself!  I won a door prize at the GWSRA convention that consisted of a flash drive (can't have too many of those IMO) and a nifty-keen little fold-up, waterproof bag.  It folds into its own lilttle case and is surprisingly capacious.  I certainly was glad of it a week ago when I wound up with like 600+ pages of exhibits.  I didn't see a brand-name tag on it, but I know I have seen these on the counter in office supply stores and also in department stores where umbrellas are sold.  I now just keep it in the steno bag.  Works great!


Blessings, Cathryn

Thank you very much.  I will look into it.


How was work in your area?

I've never had any attorney refuse to sign the order form.  I guess that means he's not getting a copy is what I would assume.  You should write on your paperwork to COD him if he wanted a copy or Cindy won't get paid for it. 

I even had one attorney one time deny that that was his signature on the order form that he signed.  I couldn't believe it.  Some of the tricks these attorneys will play ceases to amaze me.

I am surprised you haven't run into it.  It happens a lot.  I just don't like when it happens the first day working with a new agency.

If an attorney won't sign the order form, I send an email asking for confirmation of their order.  I print and scan that and that's the order which I give or email to the agency.  If there's no response to that, then I'd call them.   Hopefully you get some verification of an order.  Going to be a nice payday for you albeit tons of work getting through all those miserable 300 WPM pages!

I love the e-mail idea.  I'm gonna tell everyone I thought of it!  LOL


Another crazy day today, great pages, great job.  One more day and I am done. 



I don't ask them to sign order forms, probably because the agencies I work for say I can either have it on the record at the end of depo, or a signed order form, so I always ask before I go off every attorney in the room if they would like a copy, and it makes it better since I do voice recording too, that way if they come back and say they didn't, I have their actual voice saying yes...lol.  Luckily I haven't run into a problem with them saying they haven't ordered.


I also do that.  I always get it on the record even if they already said they did or didn't want a copy because things can change during the course of a proceeding.



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