Okay, I just got this Toshiba in January, windows 7. I first got a Toshiba ultrabook and the mouse pad had a corner that was up not level with the rest of the mouse pad. I could pop it back down flat, but it came up again.

I got it on Amazon. I called Amazon and they didn't have any left to replace it. I called Toshiba and they would not fix it or replace it because they called it "shipping damage" and I didn't buy it directly from them. There is no way this could have happened in shipping. The metal mouse pad was warped. So I just returned it to Amazon.

Then I got his Toshiba and really have loved it.

I was having wifi issues, unstable connection so I called Toshiba at the beginning of February.  They tell me that my laptop's serial number got activated in 2/2012 and was out of warranty.  I call this B&H Photo in New York to have them resolve this, as they assured me it was a new laptop.  They did get it straightened out with Toshiba.

Then a couple of weeks ago all of a sudden my typing is jumping all over the place when I type. And even when I'm careful to not rub the touch pad at all. I called Toshiba.
They asked me if I downloaded any new software or upgrades. I said no. So they say it's some settings need to be adjusted on my touch pad.   Well, we troubleshooted and they said it needs a new keyboard.  Then they want me to pay $25 in shipping to send it in to them.  Who does that when it's under warranty, been used six weeks and I've only had it for two months.

So I wanted the company I got it from B&H Photo to just take it back after all this and they wouldn't because it was over 30 days.  I said I was just going to send it back to them and not pay the Bill Me Later.  They said if I sent it back to them, they would just refuse it and send it back to me.  I called Bill Me Later and they are going to dispute it for me.

Any advice?  There's a discussion on another reporter's site about how Toshiba's customer support and quality of product has really declined.

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Wow, that's too bad.  I love Toshiba computers and hate to hear that Toshiba won't work to get their issues resolved.  Maybe you should invest in a different laptop next time since you had so many issues. 

This job is so stressful as it is.  We don't need any more added stress.  I love my Samsung that Janiece recommended.  I put my new Toshiba in the closet for a backup because I was having some weird things happening with it too.

I wish I had kept the Samsung Janiece recommended.  It was really nice, but I just couldn't deal wit being off center with that number pad.  So I had to go to a 14 inch on the Toshiba to not have the number pad.

Kerry, I'm not saying this to rub it in at all but I am loving this Samsung.  I may get another one.  It's a darn good computer.  Why not get an external mouse?  That's what I use, an external mouse and external keyboard.

What will external mouse and keyboard solve?  I'm concerned that this Toshiba is going to be problems period.

I have a great way of editing in my lazy boy with my laptop on a little pad on my lap.  Makes me feel like I'm not really working.  And it really is great for my back,arms and neck to be in this position instead of at a desk.

Kerry, I love your idea of editing in a lazy boy!  I'll have to try that.  Right now I'll sometimes go to Village Inn (a reasonably priced restaurant in CO) on their slow days, and they'll let me sit there for up to 10 hours editing!  It feels like more of a treat if I'm being served while working.  I've memorized all the waiter/s' names, I always order something, and I tip them good and listen to all their problems, so even though they're giving me basically free office space, they seem to love me :-) 

It's not a real cushy lazy boy.  It's on firmer side.  I raise the foot rest just a little, use a laptop table on my lap and it so saves my arms and neck.  I hate sitting at a desk editing.

Janiece, they replaced the motherboard because two USB ports were bad and the wireless card was going bad.  The USB ports and the wifi card were worse after they replace the motherboard, which contains those parts.  I sent it in again, and the software was having problems.  I loved the laptop till I started having problems with it that they couldn't fix and all they had to replace it with was a 15 inch with Windows 8.

Hey, Kerry,

Sorry you had problems with it.  Mine is still going strong.  I use it at a desk and have it attached to a full-size keyboard and a full-size mouse.  Not one problem at all with the WiFi.

Hope you like your new computer better.


I bought the Samsung, too, but sadly the hardware is breaking down.  My laptop is coming apart and the AC input doesn't work.  I don't know if it can be fixed, which is why I was so glad I kept a Lenovo as a backup laptop already loaded with the software.   I didn't like the Lenovo computer, so  I kept it as a  backup and it's come in real handy, since I seem to wear out my laptops at an alarming rate.

Maybe that's what you should do with the Toshiba. Keep it for backup, fully loaded with all the software.

Well, I just got my Lenovo.  Haven't set it up yet, but I need one that is durable and not made from junky parts and has customer services in the US, which they do.  Paid a little more for it, but I hear it's got good audio.  I used to always have Fujitsus but their customer service has gone really downhill. 

Hi, Kerry.

Unfortunately, I saw a post on Facebook from an unhappy ex-Lenovo customer.  The laptop developed one problem, she sent it back to be fixed, then it developed another problem, resulting in another trip back to the techs, and shortly after the third return, it developed yet another problem, and during the telephone call, the tech actually accused the customer of breaking the laptop intentionally (!).

Can't recall exactly what happened next, but she ended up buying a Dell and getting that "We'll-come-to-your-house-and-fix-it-if-it-breakes" service.

She's pretty ecstatic right now.

Thanks for the heads up.  I had to on-site repair services for years.  It's about $150 for two years with Lenovo, that they come to you next business day.  Dell's audio is not very good anymore.  I don't know, I run into enough attorneys with Lenovos and they like them.   But I had the same problem with with Samsung's computer she had, but they returned it for me after they couldn't fix it in three tries.


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