Just curious what everyone thinks is fair to charge for travel time for jobs, especially with the price of gas today.

For a great job, average job, really short job?

For instance, I traveled for a two-day job 320 miles round trip over two days, almost 7 hours of driving time.   It was a better than average job, but tough for the money, too.  I would like to charge half the mileage, 160 miles at 50 cents a mile.  So that would be an additional $80 to me.

Just wondering what people think is fair and the usual and customary?




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Yes, definitely a charge per mile should be incurred. .40 to .50 cents per mile should be adequate. Often, however, agencies don't want to pay the fee.



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I charge mileage over a 50 mile radius at .51 per mile.  With gas the price it is and everyone else charging for travel, why shouldn't we?

Agencies are paying for mileage??  Wow!  I'm in New York, and we get a small appearance fee for the morning, and if it goes past 1:00, we get another appearance fee.  We also get paid for an O & 2, and small amount for copies.  I think I'm in the wrong state!  Driving into Manhatten can take hours with traffic and tons of gas!  I wish we were paid for gas, parking, etc.  I've also heard of agencies paying hourly plus a page rate, that's great!!!  Wish it happened here, that's for sure.


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