I have a question for you all. Say you get a transcript that is the amount of pages you can do faster than your turnaround time, do you stretch it over the turnaround days or do you get it back ASAP? If you get it back within a day or two do you get paid or charge the expedite rate? How do you handle your turnaround? Thanks to all that reply!!

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I always get it back as quickly as possible. I charge as if it was returned on the original due date. The sooner I get it back to the reporter, the sooner I can take on more work.
Dear Lisa,
I usually just work on it until I'm done and then return it. If I can do it in 2 days and return it earlier than requested, I just consider that a bonus and brownie points with the court reporter. I don't ask for expedited rates just because I didn't have another competing job at the same time.
Dawn Scott


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