Hi Everyone, I have a client setting a video conference depo, he'll be in L.A., deponent in Sacramento. Any ideas on locations that can provide service in both cities? Thanks!

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I think Carol Nygard in Sacramento is set up for videoconf... (Carol Nygard & Assoc... ?) ooops, maybe you just want "engineering" locations?
Jim Terrell
Thank you Jim! Gave them a call and they're super nice. Take care!

Thanks Quyen for the info!
Check out Kinko's or Regus 1-800-OFFICES (Sacramento HQ: 777 Campus Commons Road, Suite 200)
Regus is EXTREMELY expensive. Plus, if you don't cancel within 24 hours of the start time, you get charged 100% (schedule an all-dayer that cancels at 10:00 a.m. the day before and you'll still pay $400+, double that with video conferencing). I try to warn people about Regus every chance I get.
That's good to know, Judy. Thank you.
You should contact a FedEx Kinkos facility. They are cheap and they have videoconferencing.
"Cheap" is good in this case. Thanks for the useful info, Kelli.


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