Hello, all:) I am now working for a fantastic firm, and I am an actual employee, not an IC. Because this firm and the last one I worked for differ greatly on what they offer their reporters, it has just sparked some curiosity/interest for me. SO... I was wondering what other people expect from their employers when they are an actual employee. Do you think they should supply such things as health benefits, retirement plan, paid vacation, cell phone/media plan, steno machine, computer, and software?

My personal opinion only; it does kind of suck to put out the money for all of the equipment, but I absolutely love the freedom that comes with buying your own stuff. You can get the writer, the computer and the software that's perfect for you, and not just what they have in the back room. lol.

So how about all of you? :)

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Hi Erica,

I certainly think health insurance, 401{k) should be available if you're an employee. As far as computers and software, I would prefer to have the choice as to what software, etc., I want to use. There is one agency in Boston where the reporters are employees, but they are all are required to use CaseCatalyst. I'm a very happy Eclipse user, and I wouldn't want to give that up.
Medical insurance would be my #1 item on the wish list, followed by vacation pay, retirement. I am happy being an IC, but if someone were to offer me medical insurance for my spouse and myself, I'd definitely consider the employee route.


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