What's the longest it has taken anyone to get through school?

Hi, guys. Feeling a little frustrated with school right now... So I'm wondering what's the longest it's taken anyone to finish? Ten, 20 years? :) I'm thinking that I'm going to take the title. I'm only in my second quarter, but I don't see any end in sight in years to come. LOL.

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I remember talking to my typing teacher in high school saying I wanted to try court reporting, but I had taken typing four times in different grades and couldn't get past 11 wpm. She said to me:
"You may not be as dextrous as someone else and it may take you longer to go through school, you may have to work harder than everyone else, but it only matters that you keep going until you accomplish your goal." I thought of that all the way through school. Everytime I got stuck in a speed, I would think about that typing teacher's comment. I knew, eventually, I would get through. Since I did, you will too (s). Just keep up the good, hard work.
truer words have not been said, Reid!!

Amy, It is difficult not to compare yourself to others and
their progress, but when you compare yourself to
others you do yourself a disservice.
it's like comparing apples to oranges. Each person is
different and has a myriad of factors, both personal
and professional, that hinder or help their progress
through school.

you never know, perhaps you will hit 160 wpm and
zoom through the rest of the speeds like lightening!!

just focus on each day in school and the challenges
you face in class with the dictation. I've seen students
fly through three or four speeds then get stuck for months,
while other students (like the tortise and the hare) just
plog along through each speed at a steady pace.

know your theory, and you will do just fine!!

each journey begins with one step...
keep walking

kathy hettick
Thanks, guys! Very encouraging!!! :)
The longest I have heard was 8 years. I read about the same person in the JCR. He is now an awesome reporter.
My friend Roger Flygare had his arm blown off in Viet Nam. After they reattached it he went to court reporting school for therapy. He won't tell me how long it took. I bet he holds the record, though.

Anywhere from two to three years is the average. I know someone that did it in nine months. Some people take five years.

Practice, Practice, Practice.

Allan Dyer


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