Which one are you using and why?

I am a CR student dreaming of my first professional machine and software. All the prices are way out of reach. :( During a test today I finally decided I'm over the whole paper thing. I wanted to keep paper optional, but after not being able to find my grease before the test I was fed up.

My fingers and forearms hurt lately. I feel like I'm writing in mush. The depth of this stentura400 is so deep and the touch is far from soft. Yes, it is set very shallow and light.

I've started my research. I want to know everything. I've read cheapandsleazy and some other sites. I'd like your personal opinions. I want the good column and the bad column. Software too. I'm so in the dark about this stuff. I wish we had a machine/software class or something that gave us info on the options. Not just this specific software only. :(


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Sorry. :)

"For the first six months after you graduate, it's free ... then for the next year, it's $79/month ... but after that year, you have to tell them that your payments are to apply to the purchase price; otherwise, you'll be leasing the software, thinking you're buying it ... and you're not."

I'm going to contact them for more information on this.
Do you know if they do anything like this for current students or for new graduates?
Hi, Anastasia.

If you are a current student, you can freely download and use digitalCAT ... but (I think!) after 90 days, it will ask you to register -- at least, that's how it used to be, before this latest version. When I installed the new version, the copy I was installing it over had expired, so it immediately wanted a registration code ... so I could be either right or wrong on that instant registration thing.

The bit you quoted in your post is what applies to new graduates: You can use DC (professional version) for free, for six months before the company asks for that $79 monthly payment.

On the plus side, if you're in school and doing some sort of captioning internship, they will give you a code to activate the captioning suite for (I think) 20 days when you contact Stenovations and send them a letter from your supervisor, explaining what you're doing ... and this is free -- mostly because they lost a lot of potential customers a few years ago when one of their support-folk wanted to charge one of my school mates $300 to activate the captioning suite. She, of course, had to use something else (she was going on-air that evening), so she switched to Case that day, and never switched back ... and so did the rest of the students in her class that were using digitalCAT ... so now, using the captioning suite is free, and runs for set period of time (thanks, in part, to an e-mail from me a few years ago).

Finally, I have heard there are some restrictions in this new version (I'm using an older version): Watermarks on every page, 50 page limit, can't save, can't copy ... not a good change!

But, like I said, I'm using an older version, so I can't really say; just saying what I heard.

I've been meaning to e-mail Stenovations and ask if there was a way to get those restrictions lifted, but haven't gotten around to it. Perhaps after Turkey Week .....

Hope this lengthy narrative helped some!



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