Just finished my 30 easy payments on my Mira in October, so imagine my dismay when I was told by Stenograph that I couldn't connect wirelessly to my computer because their vendor no longer made the item needed. Their suggestion? Buy a Diamanté! Does anyone have experience with the XP Wireless Kit sold by AccuLaw? I am on Case CATalyst 13 on an XP computer. I also see a similar kit called the Bluepoint sold by StenoWorks. Any advice would be appreciated!

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I have a Mira A3 and I use have a bluetooth adapter that I got from Stenocast a long time ago.  But I don't think they make the brand I have anymore.  Make sure you have bluetooth on your computer

Look for something like this http://www.iogear.com/product/GBS301/

unless you can afford something more expensive.


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