My firm charges more for really technical stuff and rushes, arbitrations. I'm curious, does anybody increase their page rate for witnesses who have really heavy accents? It sure does increase the time it takes to get the transcripts completed.
Merry Christmas everybody!!!

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Dennis' comment reminds me of the time that an order came in for an FDA Advisory Committee meeting. The FDA recorded it themselves and thereafter decided they needed a transcript.

They called the court reporting company and said that they could not understand the presenters at the meeting because they had thick accents, and so they decided they would order a transcript, so they could read what was said at the meeting.

I mean, WTF [excuse my language]. If they couldn't understand the presenters -- AND THEY WERE THERE -- how is anybody else going to be able to interpret the words spoken on a recording?
Jennie and Dennis,

I know. I have had the same experience. On this transcript I am wrapping up the attorneys actually admitted on the record that they couldn't understand him and then wanted me to read back what he had said. Of course he was mumbling to himself and whispering his answers part of the time and then he started covering his mouth while talking. I could not believe it.

I told him to speak up and not to cover his mouth and had him repeat every time I had the chance when I was unclear about what he said. I don't usually have such a hard time with Hispanic accents but his is really thick. It's funny the words that threw me: "Local" (talking about the local union), industrial engineer. Maybe it's his "Ls". Actually for industrial engineer he says industry engineer.
I'll be glad when it's done.
Almost there.
I have a policy of, after two on-the-record admonitions by me that the conditions of the depo are unreportable (whether it's because the attorneys are being difficult or any other issue where I have to speak up regarding the reportability of the record), if the attorneys choose to continue, charging $1.00 extra per page. That is in my terms and conditions which my clients get prior to scheduling depos.
Veronica, that's a good rule. I like your style!

One thing I love about CSRnation forum is the networking with each other. It is helpful to see how others handle sticky situations.

My friend had a situation last month where the court reporter she sent out on a job had a body odor problem, and her client complained. Well, I posted a thread about it, and after receiving input from multiple sources, it was decided that the truth is the best way to handle it.

Finally, last week, she got her nerve up to tell him, and he not only thanked her, but he appreciated her straightforwardness. Problem solved!

I think honesty is always the best way to go. My husband says I am way toooo honest sometimes. I must admit, it has gotten me in trouble a few times.

Also, with heavy accents and super heavy source code, I do charge extra. You have to go back and listen to that stuff a ton of times (accents) to figure out what was said. Most of the times I interrupt and ask for clarification.

I had a job the other day where there was an interpreter there for the witness but they did not use the interpreter. I could not understand this guy and neither could anyone else. Never did understand why they were not using the interpreter. Go figure.

Excellent idea. But sometimes a buck a page isn't enough. I'd leave the door open to charge more if necessary.
Under most circumstances, it seems adequate for me. But, like Kelli, I'm honest, and I don't put up with abuse. If it gets ugly, I'll beat on 'em to get 'em to cooperate. I am of the firm belief that I ultimately am responsible for the record, and that means if I have to step in and run the depo, I will. It usually only takes one firm stance by the reporter and they get the picture. If they piss you off, they run the risk of you leaving. That's a very simple way to put it and, of course, I'm very diplomatic about it. But the bottom line is if I can't do my job, they are not going to be able to do theirs. :-)


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