I retired from reporting in Georgia about a year ago and moved to Michigan due to health issues.

Humpty Dumpty has been put back together, so I've been thinking about getting back into reporting along the Western Michigan shoreline part-time.

I would love to chat with a Michigan reporter . . .


Terri Bretch

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I used to have my Michigan CSR, but I only was in one depo.  I had to get my notary too.  It was very easy.  Michigan took my machine portion of the test from California, which was great.  I did have to take the English portion, which was very easy and I didn't even need to study for it.  As far as the attorneys, compared to California they were much better (granted it was only 1 depo).  When they argued they made sure to pause (I assume to make sure it got on the record.)  This was in Ann Arbor. California attorneys are mostly crazy to me and they are not very record-conscious for the most part.  Do you have your license yet?


Hi, Nancy!  Thank you for your kind reply.

No, I haven't gotten my license yet, but I think I will go to Lansing and take that test!  I hope they will accept my machine portion from 1982 (Georgia).  I have kept up my Georgia license.  I transcribe audios and proofread for a Georgia agency.  Hope that's enough that I won't have to take the doggone machine portion because that would mean I'd have to get some new equipment and travel to an NVRA testing site -- airplane, hotel, and all the associated expenses.  Wish me luck!

Sound like California attorneys are like Atlanta attorneys.  I think I needed to have these two years to decompress my head!!    I loved hearing about Michigan attorneys. 

Thanks for your kind reply.  You have made my day -- month, year!  LOL


I found this court reporting job but it's in North Georgia, not Michigan!


That was sweet of you, Nanci!

Think I'll leave that for a Georgia reporter.  Now that I'm away from the madhouse of Atlanta traffic, I'll just stay up here and work part-time. 


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