My name is Karen, and I've been a reporter for 18+ years. I am on Case Catalyst Version 13 (beta) and I am looking for a scopist who I can work with on an as-needed basis.  anyone intrested?

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Hi Karen,

I have been a reporter for 15 years.  I am on the latest version of CC.  I've always scoped my own work and am interested in scoping for others.  I am new to scoping as a business, so I'm hungry and eager to to get established.  Therefore, I am willing to start at the lower end of the per-page scale.  I guarantee fast turnaround and accurate work.  I work weekends, evenings, whatever it takes to get the job to you on or before deadline.  

My contact info:

Lisa Carlson, RPR




Yes!!! I need something to do!!!! 

Hi, Karen.

I am wondering if you have ever found a scopist.  If not or if you are not satisfied with a scopist, please contact me.  Please see my profile.  I would be glad to help you out!


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