If anyone is interested in testing their punctuation prowess, I've created a fun little test. I've attached it here and will send the answers to anyone who asks. Just email me your emai address. I didn't have it proofread, so feel free to give me feedback if you see any errors or inconsistencies in the answers.

Marla Sharp

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Marla, did you ever receive the test I sent you last week? If not, I can send it again. I was curious how I scored. I think it is a very comprehensive test. I like it!
I'm so sorry, Jennie. Could you send it again. Between work and trying to answer these emails about the test, some may have slipped through the cracks. Just re-send it, if you don't mind. Thanks!!
I sent to to you today, Marla. TIA!
I'm not sure if my other mail was sent.

Thank you verymuch for taking the time to do this. May I have the answers?



hi Marla,

I am new to the group. I would like to take the punctuation test, but for some reseaon it will not open for me. I have been reporting for just a couple of years and I am always trying to work on my punctuation, becuase that is my biggest problem.  Sometimes from being on the computer for so long I don't notice the little mistakes. I want to get better. I am so glad this group is availible to help.


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