I own Prestige Reporting.  I am a small firm.  Not paying one of my reporters is absolutely disgusting.  I still report myself.  When I receive checks in the mail, I immediately look in my books to see who is owed what.  I am sure that any of my reporters can confirm the fact that I pay them well and on time.  It's too bad that there are agencies out there like Sky Reporting.  They make it very difficult to get jobs covered because reporters are apprehensive about taking jobs from agencies such as mine! Simply outrageous!!!

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Never heard of them - do they not pay?  Where are you located, Theresa?

I am located in Ventura, CA.  I've been a reporter for 28 years.  I do mostly workers' comp. I believe since I am still reporting, I have more empathy for my reporters who tell me that the job was tough.  I honor that and pay each of them accordingly.  I swore if I ever owned an agency, I would take care of my girls.  When I go to sleep at night, I know in my heart I have done what is right!  Shame on Sky Court Reporting!  You know what they say, karma will come back and get you in the end!

Theresa Q.,

if I were freelancing, I'd be calling you.

I am so glad to hear that you are an honest agency.

I do hear lots of horror stories!!

Keep up the good work!

kathy hettick

I posted something about Sky last year and got MANY responses from people who were owed money by them (and Seijas, their predecessor).  If you want some details, e-mail me.  gracie6185@yahoo.com.  Quite a few reporters who are owed thousands each, from the e-mails I've received.


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