Good morning all

Does anyone know about the online Star Tran school ? I'm thinking of participating but it is a relatively new school and I'm hoping I can find student with feed back - thanks !

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Hi, Susan.

There's some info about this school on Cheap and Sleazy that you might want to take a look at.

Search for "cost of schooling."

Thank you Glen.  Hopefully someone has some exposure to the school that can provide some additional information.  Thanks again!

You're welcome, Susan!

The school has been around for a while, but the partnership with Simply Steno is new.  If I recall correctly, one of the staff at CCR learned the theory and (since it had no speedbuilding component at the time) switched to CCR for speedbuilding.

Glen, I spoke with Marc, I believe he is the brother of one of the owners.  The simply steno has been around for quite a while but the school apparently is only open for three months of so.  So far I have gotten good feedback from the school and they said they would get me in touch with current students.  Given that simplysteno has good feedback and has been around for a long time, I think I will probably give it a shot. It appears to have what I need to begin the program and I'm eager to get started.  I appreciate your help and information.  I'm pleased I joined this forum!

Sounds good, Susan!

Star Tran has been around for quite a while, actually.  The new bit is the partnership between Star Tran and Simply Steno.

Tell Marc I said hello! :o)


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