I've had the Diamante since September 2009 and it's the best steno machine I've ever had. Any other Diamante users out there? Join the group and let me know what you think, pros or cons.

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Hi, Shirley

Sorry to hear about the car accident. This is my viewpoint and I certainly can't speak for everyone with a Diamante. What I like most about the Diamante is the touch. For me it's the best feel of any steno machine I've ever had. It's a very light and effortless touch. The machine is very lightweight and not heavy at all. The display screen is great because it's bright and very easy to see and it folds down over the keys for protection when not in use. The machine has wireless capability, is paperless, and records audio, plenty of internal SD cards for back-up. It's very durable which is surprising to me because of the way it looks and how light it is. I have knocked my machine over at least three times, which each time it smashed directly onto the hard floor. The machine stayed completely intact and not even the slightest glitch internally or externally thank goodness. It has continued to operate at 100% satisfaction. I'm not certain there's anything I don't like about the machine, but I have somewhat questioned the tripod and how the legs of the tripod lock, or the lack thereof, when I place the machine onto the tripod. I have to double check and make sure the legs have locked steady into place because, if not, there are those three times where the machine has fallen over because the tripod legs hadn't locked completely. Maybe that's my fault in setting up the tripod. I don't know. It's just something I've had to pay careful attention to. I believe Stenograph provides customer service with a one-year warranty and an option to renew annually.

What I don't like about the Diamante is is splits my strokes way, way too often.  I have it set to minus 3 for "less splitting" but it continues to do it.  I write a lot of realtime and I have no control over when it will split a stroke in two or three lines, which of course, then the words don't translate very well.  I'm sending it in to be looked at.  That's my biggest complaint.  I own two Diamantes and both of them have this problem, but the brand new one is intolerable with this problem.  It does it like 25 times in a 250 page transcript. 

Wow. I realtime every court proceeding, but I've never had that problem even once. Interesting.

Yeah, it's pretty frustrating.  I'm sending it back, though.  Hopefully they will fix it and not tell me it's in my head, which they've done before.


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