Has anyone ever had the problem where you're in a transcript making dictionary entries as you go, and instead of the cursor remaining at that word, it either jumps to the beginning or end of the transcript?

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Thanks, I'm going to try that.  I think I once called them and they didn't know what it was either.  Super annoying bc then  you're like, do I continue to scope this way or not.  Hate to lose the opportunity for all those dictionary entries. Enjoying your new blog, btw; remotivated to practice high speeds.

I solved the problem.  What you have to do is, select the first part of your document all the way up to your first Q. symbol, then cut that section out, place it an another document.  Or, do your first dictionary entry, and the cursor will jump back to some spot.  Cut out that much of the tript using cut and paste.   Save the cut out portion in some other document/tript.  Now save.  Now, when you go back to your first document, the cursor should not jump anymore, because you have somehow cut out the piece of bad code.


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