Please email me at if you have had any issues with payment from them. They owe us an enormous amount and I would be very leery taking jobs from them at this time and actually getting paid. They do not return calls nor return emails either. This is the first time I have posted on here, but I do not want anyone to go through this if I can help them.

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Thanks for the heads up, Richard.  Good to know.

They owe me almost $20,000 now. I will be filing a complaint this week with the California Attorney-General, CA CSR Board and my attorney will begin taking actions against them. I have received numerous emails from reporters after posting this. This company needs to be shut down and I am going to do my best to make that happen if they do not take care of everyone they have taken advantage of.

Good luck, Richard.  They owe me a drop in the bucket compared to what they owe you, but I have had the same experience trying to get anything out of them.  The old blood from a turnip syndrome, I guess.

Hi Richard and Debra:  I echo your experiences -- plus the ones I've done are horrible jobs.  I, too, have heard from other reporters that they won't return messages.  On another note:  put DCR from Westlake, CA, on your list.

Hi, Barbara - Good to hear from you.  Thanks for the heads-up on DCR.  I saw your posts about them.  Glad to see someone's putting people like that on the legal hot-seat in court. :)


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