They seem like very nice people, but beware.  They are not paying reporters, or at least me.  They owe me for an original from last March as well as many copies and rough drafts going back to January, some of which I know they've been paid for.  Their answer to me today was that they're waiting for a large payment before they can pay me.  The original they owe me for was only 54 pages!  I'm just posting this so my fellow reporters can be aware before they accept work from this agency.  What a shame!

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Update.  I got a very sweet email from Jennifer, one of the owners.  She seemed very understanding and very nice.  She is sending me a check immediately for the original that is owed and promised to personally investigate the payment of the copies.  I have a good feeling about it, or at least a better feeling about it now.

Sometimes a 'gentle' reminder posted in the right place has a positive result!

Congrats on getting paid, and thanks for the heads up.  I am so very leery of

taking work from agencies because of all the 'slow pay' or 'no pay' stories I am

hearing!!  Good to know some agencies step up and do the right thing!


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