I have completed one semester of theory online using Roberts Walsh Gonzalez. I feel that writing short may help me get court reporter certification faster. Has anyone here learned Magnum as her first theory? If so, how did you get your training? There's a website that sells Magnum Steno books plus other educational material to get you started called selfstudycourtreporting.com. Has anyone tried this package?

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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I purchased Mark's books in October and have been teaching myself his theory. I have not learned any other theory. I think it's going well so far, just a lot of memorizing. I'm hoping to be done with his theory the end of January. Most of his briefs and phrases make sense and his writing is very short. A lot of his phrases are one stroke. He has been great about answering any questions that I have and responds quickly.

If you order from Mark's website, you get a discount if you order the theory book and Magnum Steno at the same time. That's what I did. The Magnum Steno book is huge. I think it's definitely worth the money. Plus you get a lessons CD where he dictates each lesson. You also get a copy of his complete dictionary, which is a gold mine. You don't have to worry about building your own dictionary. I'm also using the free student version of DigitalCat right now.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone. As far as I know he does not have an online school at this time but I think there are a couple online schools that use his theory, that he recommends. I chose to teach myself to save money. I knew there were a lot of people who have invested tons of money and couldn't pass certification. So I figured if it didn't work out, I wasn't out too much.

I can't remember who he recommended at the time. It's been a few months ago. You could send him an email and ask, and I'm sure he'd tell you. I think one was in Texas. Sorry, wish I could remember.


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