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Jeanese Johnson ~

Southern California


Netbooks/Wireless/Immediate Drafts

14 years experience providing realtime as of 2011

LiveNote Certified

Tricia McLaughlin

New England Area


20 years experience providing realtime 

Netbooks/Wireless/Rough Drafts

Debbie West

Knoxville Tennessee & surrounding areas



11 years experience providing realtime

LiveNote Certified

Karen Kidwell, RMR, CRR

North Carolina

Certified LiveNote

Realtime System Adminstrator Certificate

roughs, netbooks, expedite, over 11 years realtime experience



Kyung Lee-Green

Area covered:  Southern California

Best way to contact:  714-457-4301

LiveNote Certified


Further Information

  • Janet McHugh, RMR, CRR, CLR
  • Area Covered:  New England
  • Specialties:  Technical commercial litigation/realtime and streaming for large groups
  • Netbooks and laptops with LiveNote and Bridge available for clients
  • 781.526.8379

Lynnette Copenhaver

Colorado.  Will also cover Wyoming



LiveNote and Bridge on all laptops and netbooks

LiveNote Certified

Over 14 years experience providing realtime


Kelli Combs

CSR No. 7705

650/773-0120 - cell

6 RT laptops, wireless, Livenote streaming, rough ASCIIs

24 years' experience

Area covered:  San Francisco, Ca to San Jose, Ca

Ann Medis, RPR

State of Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia


Providing realtime since 1997


wireless netbooks with Bridge and Livenote

Livenote certified




Christy Cannariato, CSR #7954 (Calif), RPR, CRR

Southern California-based

Certified Realtime Reporter (NCRA) since 1995

wireless realtime/internet streaming/loaner netbooks

(213) 222-6183

Roberta-Anne Schmitt

New York


Netbooks/Wireless/Immediate rough drafts/Expedites



Andrea N. Martin, CRR, RPR, CSR (CA 11244), CCR (NV 887)
Certified Realtime Reporter (NCRA) 2003
Netbooks ~ Live Text and Video Streaming ~ Conference rooms
Synchronized Videography
Same-day and daily expedites ~ Instant rough draft
Experience as both a freelance and an official reporter
(702) 575-7755


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