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Hi, Leesa!  It was nice meeting you yesterday at the Littler ofc.

P.S.  What is MyView?

P.P.S.  Are you interested in helping me mentor student?  She done all her hours and passed all her qualifiers and is going to take the CSR exam in July, but she would like to visit with experienced reporters and get tips.  I also have two students who haven't qualified yet and still need to sit in on depos.  It's hard for me to fit them all in, so I could use some help.  Very nice girls!  Kind of like Take Your Daughter to Work Day!

Janiece Young

Kansas City, Missouri, Kansas City, Kansas and Overland Park, Kansas and surrounding areas.

I am certified in Missouri and Kansas.  I also am a Registered Professional Reporter and Livenote Certified.

I can travel upon request.

I can supply immediate rough drafts.

cell  (469) 243-5550

land (913) 383-1975

I have two netbooks and one laptop I can offer to attorneys.

Fourteen years reporting experience.  Providing realtime since 2006.

Lisa A. Nance, RPR, CR (AZ)

Phoenix, Arizona

623 203-7525

Medical and technical deposition specialist.   31 years' experience court reporting, 27 years' experience realtime reporting.  Guaranteed hookup.  I bring 2 extra laptops to all realtime depositions.  Expedited and daily transcripts welcome.  I cover all of Metropolitan Phoenix and its surrounding areas.  Tucson and other locations in Arizona can be covered if the arrangements are satisfactory. 

Sondra W. Petersen, RMR, CRR, CSR-Iowa, CCR

Area covered:  Eastern Nebraska, Western Iowa

Contact:  402-440-5927 or


Lori Byrd (f/k/a Lori Byrd Buckner) having a more permanent address in Kansas - call 316-665-4820, and check out my resume at  Realtime output, loaner laptops, access to conference rooms, quality transcripts ... and of course, I am still maintaining a connection with all my colleagues from Central America and South America ... so I can make depositions smooth for you in the Latin American countries ...

Netbooks/Wireless/Instant rough/Expedites

Official/freelance real-time veteran (CSR, 1996; CRR, 2002)

Andrea Martin, CRR; CCR (NV); CSR (CA) ~ Las Vegas, Nevada

(702) 575-7755 ~

I provided realtime to judges at the L.A. Superior Court for 14 years.  At the beginning of 2013, I became a freelance reporter and continue to provide realtime, both in courtroom and depo settings.  I have attached a resume and a recommendation letter from my former judge. 


Realtime and iCVnet reporter in Southern California.  Tracy Mafi ~ 15 year reporter specializing in complex litigation, experts and high-profile depositions, arbitrations and trials.  5 Laptops/iPads available. or 714-296-1322

Janiece Young

Metropolitan Kansas City area including:

Kansas City, Missouri; Kansas City, Kansas; Overland Park, Kansas 

(816) 854-9277

iPad, netbook, computer, immediate drafts

providing realtime since 2010

Livenote certified

Certified in Kansas, Missouri and nationally, RPR

Joseph and Cassandra Ellis

Realtime with 5 Tablets, an iPad, and two Netbooks -all Wireless (except in Japan)

Realtime Systems Administrators / Expedites / Immediate RA's / Remote Streaming and Video

Specializing in All-day Commercial Litigation / Technial / IP / Pharma

Freelance Realtime Court Reporter and CLVS Videographer Team with 30+ Years Experience

MD, VA, WA DC, WA State, Hawaii and the World

(Passports in hand, bags are packed and ready to go!)


Voice:  240-472-1080

Fax:     443-602-3607


Gwen Brass

Western Washington, Oregon, California


California CSR 5784 since 1986

Washington CCR 1908 since 2001

Reatime, roughs, dailies, expedites, all types of business, medical, and technical depositions

iPads, laptops, CaseviewNet

David Levy, CSR, RPR, CLR

Metropolitan New York area, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore,Washington

Phone (732) 276-7028

Cell:   (718) 986-1076



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