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Thank you for doing this!

Lori Byrd, Realtime Court Reporter,, 202-422-8810

RPR, CRR, CLR, CA-CSR 13023, KS-CCR 1681, Realtime Systems Administrator

Veteran of many years as an official reporter in court (trials, motions: criminal, civil, et cetera), veteran at freelance work (depositions, trials, arbitrations, meetings, C.A.R.T., et cetera), veteran of too-many-to-count asbestos depositions via phone and videoconference, veteran at setting up for large trials and depositions, veteran at realtime output to judges and lawyers on my loaner iPads - court, arbitration, et cetera.

Software: Eclipse court reporting and captioning, implementing several versions including the latest; website contains upload link for large files (out and in); Min-U-Script used to create rough draft transcripts that lawyers love. 

Hardware: Brand new Lenovo with all bells and whistles, backup Lenovo with same credentials; Polycom SoundStation2, absolutely integral for great sound from phone depositions or Zoom or Skype - you name it; high-speed scanner, printers; 2 Luminex steno machines always by my side (and one extra Luminex loaned to student of court reporting!) - everything needed to get the job done.

I can't wait to start some Zoom deps! I've got great equipment, love the technology - so much better than by telephone! I have found that doing RT via Bridge mobile is a better solution than the RT product associated with Zoom.  

Gail Verbano -


Sorry - that was a mistake! I didn't mean to reply to you.  I apologize for me goof :(


Doing this too long . . . 

Dana Welch, CSR, RPR, CRR, CRC

I have over 40 years reporting - I started very young - LOL!  I am on CaseCatalyst and use iPads for realtime.  I am technically proficient and able to stream any application you want to use.  I mainly use LiveLitigation and CaseCatalyst, Zoom as well.  I bring 5 iPads to every job and can provide up to 12.  I cover MA, NH, RI, CT and anywhere you want to send me.  My home base is Boston where I routinely provide realtime for high tech, high profile cases.  I love biotech and computer engineering, electrical, finance, and construction.

You can reach me at for rates and resume.

Cammi R. Bowen

California CSR #13492

(408) 828-1509

Remote coverage for California during this coronavirus shelter in place season.

Case Catalyst software, current version, CaseViewNet for realtime.  Zoom remote reporting.



  • (954) 347-6859
  • Realtime/Roughs/Expedites/Streaming
  • 8 iPads

Teri Davis, 832-515-1873

Houston, Dallas and Austin, Texas

Technical realtime streaming with immediate rough drafts.  Ipad hookups and able to set up on personal tablets for attorneys, if needed. 

Will travel to any to any of the main cities and work personally in large conference rooms, if needed.

LISA NANCE, RPR, CR (Az) 50349   *   623 203-7525  *

  • Phoenix, Arizona -- will cover the state
  • Realtime provider for 21 years/Reporter for 30
  • Streaming/roughs/daily/expedites
  • Zoom, Go-To-Meeting, and other platforms
  • 6 iPads and 3 loaner laptop
  • Medical and Technical work welcome

Certified Realtime Reporter based in Los Angeles, California.  I am available – for the right job – to travel for trials, hearings, arbitrations, and depositions.  California CSR License No. 3036, NCRA Registered Merit Reporter, Certified Realtime Reporter, and Realtime System Administrator.  Experience includes Zoom remote depositions, telephonic court hearings, and over 30 years of providing realtime for complex litigation – patent infringement, intellectual property, trademark infringement, pharmaceutical (LOVE the hard stuff!)  I have 10 iPads and 6 travel with me on every job – I am willing to provide more if the job requires.  CaseCatalyst is my software of choice.  Realtime via iCVNet, CaseViewNet with unlimited cloud license, or whatever means the client requires.  My scopist uses RealTeam on every job along with my proofreader if the job requires it.  I can provide immediate roughs, immediate final, daily, and expedite delivery

Victoria L. Valine, CSR, RMR, CRR or 916.798.5946


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