Experienced CaseCAT scopist/proofreader/scoofer, seeking an additional reporter

In the business since 1980.  Send me your CaseCAT transcript at any stage, have it returned in final form attached to an email, with comments and queries included as needed.

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Paul -

I'm a reporter living in Palm Springs, and travel regularly to San Francisco for work, as well as locally near Palm Springs at times.  I have a case starting mid-July in Orange County, for which I will travel and stay in the area.  It is expected to run through mid-August and there are 24 depositions, day after day.

I'd be interested to know whether this may be something you'd be willing to take on, and also what your rates and turnaround is.  At this point, I don't believe any of it will be expedited so that may figure into your consideration.

Thank you.  Tom Frasik


760-699-8478 (home)

415-385-4349 (cell)


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