I'm looking for a scopist.  I'm a bit new at using scoping services, and I've used a scopist twice.  I'm so backed up on work, I could use a little help.

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Hi, Denise,

If you are still looking for a scopist, I have 26 years of experience to offer you. I use Stenocat and Case Catalyst softwares and am experienced in all kinds of transcript preparation. You can e-mail me at chouser599@yahoo.com.

Cathy H.

Hello.  My name is Michelle Foster.  I have been a scopist/transcriptionist/proofreader for 20-plus years now.  I am in Illinois.  I have Case Catalyst Version 11, but am getting ready to upgrade to version 12.  If you are still looking for a scopist, please email me.  I can send you my rate sheet, et cetera. 


Thank you.

Hi Denise,

I am on Case Catalyst.  My rates are $1 per page, but can be negoitated.  My TAT is dependent on the job, anywhere from 24 hours to 3 or 5 day.  I need to increase my volume.  I'm available immediately. 



Carrie Luescher

Mrs. Jones,

My name is Stephanie Wilson am on the SmartCAT, I would love to help you with your load. My rate is $1.00 a page (flexible).   

281-789-7161. stephanie.wilson2007@gmail.com

Stephanie Wilson

Case CATalyst 12 Scopist and proofreader. I am a full time scopist and can get your job done quickly and efficiently. With 30 years experience in the mortgage banking industry, legal terms are my specialty.  email me at monicascopist@gmail.com.


Would love to be considered for any work that you might have.



Monica Scott

Sicklerville, NJ




I am not quite yet a scopist, but will be starting my own company in 2014. I will let you know about when that will be.


Hi Denise,

I know this is an old post, but thought I would check-in, just in case.  : )    I am a scopist on StenoCat 32 with Insync.  I have been scoping now for about 20 years.  I have references if needed.  Have done it all....workers' comp, trials, the works.  Please contact me if you have a need for a scopist.  





Once I get my business up and running, I will let you know.


I am a 30-year scopist using Case Catalyst. I would love to help you out and do some scoping for you. Right now I'm having a light week, so I could start immediately. Please email me at chouser599@hotmail.com so we can get started! I think you'll find my work excellent and my turnaround equally excellent.


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