Well, today, I had to haull everything up a flight of steps. Bleh.

405 Broadway, Santa Ana, CA - wear your flats.

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I've had to haul everything upstairs at my last FOUR jobs! What kind of luck is that? F-O-U-R!!! And that includes yesterday when I was at a building that has an elevator, but it was out of order yesterday, presumably just for me. Grrr...
I don't haul. I take my purse and one other bag with me up the steps and say with a smile, "I need help" and someone else lugs my stuff up. And I make sure they know that I need help downstairs later. And I profusely thank. I never have a problem with this. I have found that everybody is very happy to do this for me.
Very smart.
The smile and profuse thanks masks what I'm really thinking: "No elevator? NFW!! It's your problem, not mine"!!
I always think what if the client is in a wheelchair.

Inevitably it's the workers' comp attorneys or the PI attorneys in the smaller, older offices.
haha, I have noticed the same thing. ridiculous!


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