I know. I know. I'm preaching to the choir on this one.

But it was such an egregious spelling error. As I'm driving home last night, I see a flower shop on the corner, you know, one of those Conroy looking places. They had spelled bouquet, bokay. I thought I was going to die. It just about killed me.

Maybe they did it on purpose to catch my eye. Well, if it did, it worked. But it still hurt me.

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Morons and imbeciles are running the joint.
Dear Kyung:
I understand your plight. I see those things all the time, and the reason we see it is because that's our expertise. It really drives home the fact that we are soooo intelligent and HIGHLY educated professionals. I'm so proud of that, From being so expert in the English language to be able to punctuate the "spoken word" which is always improper grammar, to having the deep knowledge of medical terminology, legal terminology, ability to type over 225 wpm shorthand and type-write an average of 80 wpm with the self-discipline of punctuality, courtesy, and professionalism.....DAMN! We just got it all, huh? Because of your expertise in this, my friend, you're gonna see a whole lot more of that. You'd be surprised at the illiteracy of the outside world, and the further fact that they've got jobs......Man! Sincerely, Michael D. Chaney
It hurt you?! You are so funny, Kyung. Funny how irritating misspellings are to us, isn't it?
what area was the flower shop in?
I've seen them spell it that way on the Conroy's in Buena Park, and
I also wondered who was putting up the letters on the sign.
Pehaps they do that so that the "average joe" (or below average) can
understand what a bouquet (boo-ket) is???
that was my thought.
It is everybody's duty to correct a mother or a teacher! If they're saying "would have went," what do we expect their children or students to be saying? It's pathetic! There's a facebook group called "I don't just judge you when you use poor grammar, I think you're a moron." Sadly, the mere name of the group is grammatically incorrect!!
yeah, I used to drive my stepmom crazy when I'd point out spelling errors on the
dinner menus.
Oh, Kathy; You are so right. I'd forgotten about that, because we were talking about signs, but not that you mention it, yeah, I see errors all over. I'm so good, that not only do I found errors in captions 75% of the time but I've even, on a couple of occasions, found errors in the business cards of the attorneys, unbeknownst to them. Man, I know somebody got their ass kicked when that attorney got back to the office. You know, that insignificant court reporter found an error in MY business card....DAMN! Just remember this, Everybody: Never trust anything or anyone. I ALWAYS ask the witness how to spell their name, no matter if I have the caption, the Notice, or whatever; and close to 40% of the time, I'm SOOOOO glad I did, because I had it wrong from my resources. Just as sure as you don't ask John Smith how to spell his name, it will surely be Jon Smyth or something like that. My fellow court reporters, I am so proud to be YOUR colleague.....seriously! Sincerely, Michael D. Chaney


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