There's no hiding from the Government. They will find you. But you can maybe try to hide some of your money. What money? I didn't make any money last year. (j/k about the hiding money part).

But once again, jumping the gun, but not by much, it's time to think of write-offs and collecting all your little itty-bitty receipts into small shoeboxes to carry into your tax person. Don't have a tax person you say? Well, I've got some recommendations for you.

Phil Liberatore - 562-404-7996 a good guy, but kind of expensive. He does a good job, and he usually gets me money back. He also gives you a few freebies when you go in for your appointment. Get any nasty letters from the IRS, he'll probably be able to take care of it. Need a letter for your mortgage lender, no problem. But remember, he'll cost you. He's a CPA, and he's located in La Mirada.

The first couple of years, we got appointments w/Phil himself. Good deal. But after the first few years, we got passed off to associates. And it just didn't sit well w/our sense of self-importance, that and the price kind of helped us move on. Also, as far as location, he's a little far for us. But if you've got super-complicated taxes and investments, I think he's a good tax guy. Also, he's got lots of court reporters as clients so he knows how to do taxes for court reporters.

Eleanor Kim - If you're in south Orange County and looking for a good tax person, I recommend Eleanor Kim. That's who I use currently. She did our taxes for us last year, and I was very pleased. She was thorough and we felt like we were in good hands. I haven't had the history w/Eleanor yet that I had w/Phil so I can't give as lengthy of a review. But I feel like everything was taken care of.

If you're looking for a change, either of the two above would be great. If you've moved on from the 1040EZ and are looking to file Schedule C and various other schedules, if you have no idea what I'm talking about, perhaps you, too, should visit a tax professional. Just a thought.

Finally, if you have a great tax person, please share and help out your fellow reporter.

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One year a friend of mine talked me in to trying Phil Libertore, that he could save me a lot of money. I called and made an appointment. He suggested I bring with me my last two years' tax returns, that he could redo them and save me a lot of money. First, he wanted me to sign BLANK forms. I thought he was kidding and declined. I told him I wanted to look over the returns before they were filed. He thought I was kidding. Yes, he redid the taxes for the past two years and saved money, but when I compared his returns with the ones I had filed, every single number was the exact same EXCEPT for one miscellaneous business expense number that he had increased by about $20,000. So, because of that, yes, he did save me money, but when I asked him specifically where he came up with $20,000 more expenses, he never really answered me. I should tell you that I'm meticulous about saving my receipts.

So, yes, I did use him once, but I couldn't sleep well for several years after that. I really don't think he's very ethical and would NEVER use him again, no matter where he's located. If the money aspect is more important to you than peace of mind, be my guest.

I have been using Jim McCullough out of Fullerton for probably 25 years (minus the one year described above). I think he's very honest, and he does push expenses to a reasonable limit.

Diane Hoffman


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