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I need help with my marker definition in Eclipse. Here's my problem: I used to have a Stentura and would hit the marker button when I heard a word I needed to ask how to spell later. My new Stylus doesn't have a marker button, so I'm typing SPEL/SPEL. But from within Eclipse I want to be able to search for a flag stroke by hitting V, then F like I used to. Any ideas?

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I'd just global Rolodexes and be done with it. I'm sure it's just because it's a wacky word. I haven't had any problems with any of the other end-in-x words.

I'll be sure to pass along any gems that I learn. This is only part 1; part 2 is next month.
Is there a way to tell the spell checker to ignore all comments? My scopist and I put in a lot of comments throughout this job, and th spell checker is driving me crazy, stopping on all the comments for misspellings and punctuation.
I replied on another forum, but I'll do it here too, since it might help someone else too.

In your Spell Options, under Edit in User settings, do you have #7 checked? That says, "Check non-transcribed text." If so, uncheck that and it should do the trick.
Christine, are you sure your steno machine hasn't been pilfered? Just kidding. Thought you'd need a laugh. I know I would. Hopefully you are not offended by my comment. Just couldn't resist.
Watermark feature.

I've seen some posts about no-copy paper. I've noticed the watermark feature in the print box of Eclipse, and I would like to try it out, but I just don't know how to get the watermark to print. Don't even know if I'm using it right. Does anyone know how to use it?

Allison, I don't know the answer to question 1, about the translate and convience keys. I was curious about that myself. I just recently started using two laptops and am thinking about getting another key because transferring it back and forth is such a pain. Have you called support to ask them that question? If you get an answer to it, please post it here so we'll all know.

Question 2: I put velcro on the back of my key and on the back of my laptop screen. I do that with all my little key fobs. So when I'm done, I just attach my Eclipse key, Bluetooth dongle, thumb drive, and microphone to the velcro stip on the back of my laptop. Works like a charm. I bought the industrial strength velcro from Home Depot to be sure it's really strong.
Hi Allison!
You may have already figured this out by now... I'm new and just now read your post. I just wanted to let you know that if you click on Help at the top file menu while in Eclipse, then About Eclipse, a little box will pop up to tell you what version of Eclipse you're using. While that box is on your screen, that computer is considered to be in pause mode as far as your Eclipse is concerned. You can then open Eclipse on another computer and not have any problem when you run your key disk that checks to see if you're using both keys simultaneously.

If sometimes you accidentally forget to pause it, don't stress out! I've never heard of the Eclipse police coming out to shut anybody down. It's just if it's every day that two computers are being used at the same time, it looks fishy, so the convenience key will be disabled.

Hope that helps.

I always test my connection anyhow just to be sure, but I know I've forgotten to do it before and not gotten an error. What kind of steno machine do you have? I guess no matter what machine you have, it's still a good idea to either test the connection or hit a couple strokes on the machine before you hook up. Let us know if you get it resolved.
Juliana, Your page is sent to private so I couldn't leave you my email address. I'm was willing to try to help if you're around. Did you know others can't comment on your page? Some people don't know you need to set it to public.
Hi Juliana -
I'll be glad to help you. You can reach me at 800-320-6223, ext. 1.
Julie Samford

Anyone ever hear from their agency they can't read your ASCII into E-Transcript? I've had it happen before, and it's happening again. No idea why. This agency is telling me they get an error just past the titles pages, on the first page that has time stamps. They're telling me it "won’t import past page 2 saying page 3 only has 20 lines and every page then pops up this warning and asks to ignore the problem which won’t solve the problem only make it worse."

I have my time stamps on the left, every fifth line, no seconds. They just asked me to move the stamps to the right, and that fixed it. They can now import it. What's up with that? Any ideas?
I am looking for help with Eclipse audio.
I went out on a depo yesterday, and my audio did not work in Eclipse on my IBM T43. I only use the internal mic which has always worked wonderfully for me. I called tech support and was told to go into user settings under the realtime tab and click on "compression," pick "SoundMAX Digital Audio," hit "OK," have format read "PCM," and change my attributes to 11.025 kHZ, 8 Bit Mono.
I would like to know what other reporters are using for attributes.

I would love to hear from you.


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